“Veggie Lasagna” from “Deliciously Ella”

IMG_6524Given that I faced universal resistance from my family for a month of eating Ella’s way (no sugar, gluten or dairy, which frankly are all the fun food groups), I decided to make a single serving of the Veggie Lasagna.

This was a good decision. I didn’t help the cause by making a vegetable lasagna that full of cheese (ricotta and mozzarella) goodness and other roasted vegetables for the rest of the family, so they really weren’t tempted to try this version at all.

“This is delicious!” the boys kept saying about their own, cheese-laden lasagna. “It doesn’t matter,” I would reply. “It’s not going on the blog.”

So I soldiered on with what I was calling my Unfun Lasagna. To be fair, it wasn’t terrible. It just wasn’t full of the cheese goodness I’ve grown to know and love in my usual lasagna. Ella’s lasagna never stood a chance.

Curious about he Unfun Lasagna my husband Tim did take the second piece to give it a try. He said while it was good, he wouldn’t go out of his way to eat it or ask for it again.

I feel the same way. I could see how a vegan would like this, but as I’m not vegan I can continue with my cheese loving ways with our usual vegetable lasagna.

I fear this might be a long month.

“Veggie Lasagna” from “Deliciously Ella”

4 thoughts on ““Veggie Lasagna” from “Deliciously Ella”

    1. Maureen Stapleton says:

      It really doesn’t, does it? It didn’t taste bad, but it really could have benefitted from some herbs in there. After a month of Ottolenghi, I was really surprised by the lack of additional herbs and spices in the dish, which really would have helped it enormously.

  1. Neidin says:

    I made this lasagne I really enjoyed it although I amended the recipe slightly and added an onion along with the mushrooms and tomato mix. I have to agree though and admit I prefer other veggie lasagne recipes. My husband managed two bites before saying he appreciated the effort but not for him 😅

    1. Maureen Stapleton says:

      Wow. Only two bites? What did your husband have for dinner instead? (In our house, the rule is if you opt out of dinner, you can only have cereal.)

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