The Guardian’s ‘Start Happy’ series – Quick and Healthy Breakfasts

Anna: So there I was yesterday, reading the paper and out falls this little book of Quick and Healthy Breakfasts.  Brilliant!  Quick AND healthy.  Then I looked a bit more closely.  These were quick and healthy breakfast recipes from….. Mr Faffolenghi!  Ugh.

Any recipe that requires two different frying pans and approximately 40 minutes of cooking time (“Braised eggs with tomato, spinach and yoghurt“) does not equal quick in my vocabulary, however ‘healthy’ it may be.  Even a dish of ricotta on sourdough (so far, so Australian) needs a bloody food processor.  A food processor? In the morning? I can barely manage porridge these days.  Correct that: I can’t even manage porridge these days.  Porridge takes 5 minutes longer than my allocated breakfast preparation minutes (which is around 2, if you were wondering).

Thank you Guardian, for providing a booklet of Mr Ottolenghi’s usual indulgent but unrealistic recipes.  I’m glad to see that he doesn’t confine himself to dinners and lunches! If you missed out, click on the image below.

The Guardian’s ‘Start Happy’ series – Quick and Healthy Breakfasts

Observer Food Monthly’s “50 Best Cookbooks Of All Time” — our response

Anna: Last Sunday, the Observer Food Monthly had a special edition where they listed their top 50 cookbooks of all time. As cookbooks are our business, it’s only right that we let our viewing public know what we thought.  Isn’t that so Kirstin?

Kirstin: I loved Rachel Cooke’s introduction about all her cookbooks.  She nailed it perfectly, why we have cookbooks. Did you think so too?

Anna: I did, except that by her own admission she doesn’t cook from any of them.

Kirstin: She doesn’t cook from Sophie Grigson because she doesn’t like her earrings.  I remembered that.

Anna: Wise words.  However, I find it a bit rich that she is judging and deciding on the top 50 cookbooks of all time and she doesn’t actually use any of them.

Kirstin: Who is she anyway?

Anna: A food journo.

Kirstin: So she’s not a cook.

Anna: She’s looking at them from an aesthetic point of view then maybe?  And the writing.  But not necessarily the quality and clarity of the recipes themselves.

Kirstin: I have more cookbooks than her.  Who’s that woman with the bike?  What sort of shoes is she wearing?  They aren’t practical for cycling in.

Anna: That’s Thomasina Miers.  It says they are Laboutins.

Kirstin: She’s just going to end up in front of a bus with her organic produce she’s bought in Spitalfields!

Anna: So, back to the list then. Continue reading “Observer Food Monthly’s “50 Best Cookbooks Of All Time” — our response”

Observer Food Monthly’s “50 Best Cookbooks Of All Time” — our response