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Is it a cookery blog? Is it a book club? Yes! It’s both. Every month we will cook recipes from a different cookbook — sometimes one that has just been published, sometimes an old classic or an obscure personal favourite. We’ll be trying to work out which recipes work best, what the best menus are, and which dishes should become part of our regular repertoires. We’ll need your help. Which recipes are your favourites in this month’s book? Which ones didn’t work out? Which book should we all try next month? Do tell!


And now, a word about your three hosts. Kirstin is a part-time doctor and full-time mother of two who loves food, photography, and food photography, among other things. Anna works in advertising but really loves food and wine, and organising holidays involving both.  She and Kirstin are best friends from way back — they went to school together, and now they live near each other in London. Over the years they have enjoyed many memorable meals together with friends and family — Kirstin met her husband over dinner at Anna’s, for instance — and they plan to enjoy many more.



Maureen first got to know Kirstin when she lived down the street and they bonded over cooking and children, in that order. This proved to be very convenient one legendary Christmas day when they visited each other numerous times to borrow the necessary ingredients and trade advice about cooking a goose. Alas, Maureen has never cooked a goose again. Live and learn.

Now, where’s that cookbook?

47 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Georgia says:

    I love this idea. I’ve been in my book club for four years or so, which means I’ve read 50+ books that I wouldn’t normally have chosen. Some were terrible, but one has become one of my favourite novels. I’m going to try and do the recipes that you do so I can try and stretch my culinary boundaries. In bocca al lupo!

  2. Judy Hendershott says:

    I tried the Yotam Ottolenghi ‘breakfast’ recipe for Braised eggs with tomato, spinach and yoghurt for supper tonight, and it was delicious! It took about half an hour to prepare so obviously not a ‘quick’ breakfast dish, but very good to eat. We didn’t get it from the Guardian booklet which fell out of Anna’s newspaper, but husband John got it from the Guardian website while he was working last week at the FT. He loves to trawl the internet for recipes while he is ‘working’ at the FT letters desk!

  3. Stumbled upon your blog – and love it! Have you tried any recipes by Tessa Kiros? I have found them very good – other favourites include Ina Garten, Nigel Slater and David Lebovitz.

    1. annastamour says:

      Happy you stumbled on us Mel! We have a couple of Tessa Kiros’s books so we may well do her soon. We’re a bit Nigel-ed out I’m afraid….!

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog last month through random Google search and love it!

    I hope you don’t mind if I steal the idea, I have been wanting to expand my repertoire and had signed up for a French cookery class, midway through realising I would better off just cooking my way through my three French cookbooks. You’ve also inspired me to check out my copy of “Bill’s Open Kitchen” again. I bought it in a moment of nostalgia for Sydney food but haven’t actually cooked anything from it.

    1. annastamour says:

      Which three French cookbooks are you tacking? Definitely dig out Bill. “Open Kitchen” is the only book of his I don’t have, but I’m sure it’s as good as all the others! Good luck!!

      1. I have “The French Kitchen” and “The French Market” by Joanne Harris and Rick Stein’s “French Odyssey,” but am open to suggestions if you have a favourite or two.

  5. Sarah Nazar says:


    I’ve been reading your blog for the last 5 months and have been thoroughly enjoying it….I check in and look for new posts all the time. Looking forward to your verdict on ‘Virgin to Veteran’.

  6. Sally says:

    I’ve just come across your blog and have spent way too much time reading old posts but never mind, I’m inspired. Its great to have the kids feedback on the meals as I’m feeding 3 pretty unadventurous boys. Here’s a suggestion of a cookbook to cover sometime – Sophie Wright’s Home at 7, Dinner at 8 from 2011. There’s a great gnocchi bake, an excellent salmon tray bake and a popular sausage ragu which are hits here.

  7. Apologies for posting in comments but I couldn’t find anywhere on your blog to contact your directly. I thought you might be interested in joining Eat Your Books, given that your blog is all about cooking from cookbooks. We have indexed almost 3,500 cookbooks so far, making it easy to search through all your books at once for recipes. Please contact me at info@eatyourbooks.com for details of a blogger’s free trial membership.

  8. MB says:

    Just stumbled across your blog, and really like the idea. Will be going through it in more detail. But just a little gripe about the photo, if you don’t mind? Where I come from, it’s really disrespectful to let our books even touch our feet, let alone stand on them with boots on. Books are in many ways our teachers. They contain and impart knowledge, without which we are nothing. So they deserve better treatment and respect!

  9. MB says:

    Been through some of the entries in your blog now… fascinating. I really like how you’ve got the dialogues and feedback from the whole family too, it gives a nice balance of opinions. Will be reading more! Thanks!

  10. Simon Baker says:

    I was wondering whether you would try out my step sisters two cook books that she has out at the moment they are called Jam, Jelly & Relish & Fresh from the Freezer. They are very good & both available with amazon.

  11. Fiona says:

    Have you thought about Audrey Gordon’s cookbook, just for fun? The cover says it all – it’s not at all serious but could generate some fascinating discussions in your houses. Her TV clips (2 minutes each on youtube) make us giggle.

  12. What a fantastic idea for a blog. I can’t wait to trawl through your posts and get some ideas for new recipes. Sometimes I feel so stuck in a rut with my cooking – just the same 20 or so dishes over and over.

  13. This is a great idea. I have recently been following another blog where they choose a cookbook of the month. It has encouraged me to delve more into the ones on my shelf (when I have the one they’re reviewing). I am mostly working my way through Marcella Hazan’s ‘Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking’ (and blogging :)).

  14. This is an amazing idea! I wonder if you would be interested in looking at a cookbook for those of us who must choose foods carefully to avoid triggering a migraine attack. The recipes in my “Tame Migraine the Delicious Way” ebook are tasty dishes that have been adjusted for a migraine elimination diet. They can be enjoyed by the entire family, not just the migraineur. “Look Inside” is available at amazon dot com. A sample recipe can be found at https colon slash slash tamemigraine dot wordpress dot com. If you are interested in reviewing this ebook, I can get a download code from amazon dot com for you. Thanks!

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