“Cupcakes and Curries” – our verdict

Anna: You and Maureen have done very well with the cake-baking this month. As you thought you would, being two expert bakers.  I’m afraid my only effort was the Blueberry and Sour Cream cake, which was delicious, and will be made again.  But unfortunately life got the better of me though and the time for cupcake-baking was allusive.   I’m sure the day will come soon when I’ll be glad to have the book to use though. I’m definitely going to try the vanilla cupcakes…maybe for Peter’s birthday in a few weeks.

Kirstin: Ooo…you could try the salty chocolate cake for his birthday. I never got around to making that one; it was the Cake that Got Away! But oh I did love the mojito cakes. And the vanilla cupcakes recipe I know I will use forever now. In fact, I’ve enjoyed baking so much this month that I have moved my Kitchen Aid properly onto a surface in the kitchen.

Anna: Really?

Kirstin: Well, there’s something about baking in April. That said, I loved that book so much I know I will be dipping into it throughout the year. And even though I wasn’t sure I liked the way the chapters were themed (by season and Valentine’s day etc), I loved it by the end of the month. It’s a wonderful, wonderful book.

Anna: What did you think to the Curries book? Would you make anything from it again?

Kirstin: I only made one recipe but it was so good, so very good that I will make it again. And I know that if I ever need to make a curry that it is definitely the book to use.

Anna: As I feared, whilst the recipes taste great – and I think we all agree that they did – they take an AGE to make. And lots of different pans. And spice grinders.  I want to make more of her recipes, but they are definitely weekend dishes. Not a curry to russle up after work. I think I was hoping this book would be different from the other’s of hers that I have, but sadly not.

Kirstin: I guess you can’t make a curry in a hurry!

Anna: So I’m handing over to you and Maureen for next month’s book. Unfortunately Peter’s going to be the master chef in our house due to my work schedule, and it’s best for us all if he sticks to what he does best. Which is a shame, as I’m very excited by the book.  I’ll have to come round to dinner…. See you in June!

“Cupcakes and Curries” – our verdict

“Chicken Tikka Masala” from I Love Curry and “Mojito Mini Cupcakes” from Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days

Tom: So, what did you all think of the curry? Those were clean plates!

Kate: Completely mopped up. Yup. We were demanding more sauce. You need to triple the quantity of that sauce.

Liam: It doesn’t need rice. The naan bread was great.

Mick: I preferred eating the curry with the bread, rather than using weapons.

Kate: It had a gentle but intense heat that crept up on you. It didn’t overwhelm you, but left you wanting more!

Liam: I second that.

Kate: You just want another hit.

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“Chicken Tikka Masala” from I Love Curry and “Mojito Mini Cupcakes” from Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days

“Creamy Almond Chicken Curry” from “I Love Curry”

Find a copy of the recipe here, courtesy of the good people at Waterstone’s.

Maureen: Tonight we are having almond chicken. [Editor’s Note: I employed the oldest mother’s trick in the book, which is withholding crucial culinary information from children in order to make them eat something they say they don’t like. I don’t know why my children don’t like curry, but check back with me in 20 years time, when they will acquire a taste for it after a long night at their local pub.]

Andrew (11): This is very good! Why is there a bone in my chicken?

Maureen: You leave the bone in because it’s only a chicken thigh. It’s too small to debone before you cook it, I think.

Nicholas: (7) Can I have your bone, Andrew? I could use it for my bone collection.

Andrew: You could collect more bones and then we could make our very own catacombs, underneath the house! We could charge admission and become rich! rich! rich!

Nicholas: Good idea!

Maureen: Let’s get back to the issue at hand. What did you think Nicholas?

Nicholas: It’s good. I like it.

Maureen: Do you know what this is? It’s curry!

Andrew and Nicholas (simultaneously horrified): CURRY!

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“Creamy Almond Chicken Curry” from “I Love Curry”

“Spicy Andhra Chicken Curry” and “Tarka Dhal” from “I Love Curry”

Anna: It’s time we redressed the balance this month.  It’s all cakes, pies and loaves. Time for curry!

Ian: Did I miss the delivery man coming to the door? This looks very professional.

Anna: I do worry that whenever I cook an Indian meal from scratch, all the dishes are the same colour.

Aine: But there’s fresh coriander on top, that gives it a splash of green!

Anna: Anything to break up the orange/yellow theme…..

Ian: Well it tastes delicious, very fresh.

Anna: That’s the great thing about making a curry from scratch. I’ve got a couple of Anjum’s books and it’s always the same: the layering up of the flavours gives the dishes a really unique taste. The problem, I find, is that it takes so blimmin long to cook the curries that by the time they’re finished I can’t be bothered to eat them.

Peter: Tarka the Dhal? Wasn’t that a character in a Disney film?

Anna: I can’t believe you just said that.

Peter: I thought the chicken curry was very nice. It tasted very different to a takeaway curry. Much lighter. And it has a lovely heat that wasn’t too aggressive. It was a bit like a korahi, but with less tomato.

Anna: And the dhal? What did you think to it? I prefer Vic’s recipe I have to say.

Peter: I’d struggle to tell one dhal from another in all honesty. It went together well, and we didn’t need rice.

Anna: I have to make a special mention for the dessert, which was from “Kitchen”: “Lemon Meringue Fool”. Really delicious and incredibly quick and easy to make.

Peter: It had a nice spring/summer taste, though I’m not a big fan of cream as you know.

Anna: What do you think ice cream is made out of??

“Spicy Andhra Chicken Curry” and “Tarka Dhal” from “I Love Curry”

Cookbook(s) of the month, April 2011, Curries and Cupcakes

Anna: This is your idea, Kirstin.

Kirstin: And it’s a good one too, isn’t it? Curries and cupcakes. Because we can’t do cupcakes on their own for a month and we can’t do curries for a month by themselves either. So we’re doing them together. Obviously not as part of the same meal.

Peter: I could subsist on cupcakes and curries for a month. But I can understand that it’s not possible to do them every single day.

Anna: With all the spare time on my hands I’m going to be baking up a storm this month.

Peter: Are you going to be making whoopie?

Anna: Ha ha ha ha.

Kirstin: You two! You’re just like young lovers.

Anna: Where am I going to get Earl Grey powder from then?

Kirstin: You don’t have to make that recipe if you don’t want to.

Anna: I’ve always dreamt of pina colada cupcakes.

Kirstin: Great. You can make those then. I want to make the mojito ones. For real. And that sweet and salty chocolate cake. That’s mine, that is.

Peter: I fancy anything with chocolate and/or lime please.

Anna: Ugh!

Kirstin: What about the curries book?

Anna: We were given this by the nice people at Quadrille Books. Thank you Quadrille Books.

Kirstin: Nice and easy layout. Pictures are enticing in both books.

Peter: I can see that I am will probably be spending considerable time and money at the Indian supermarket on Brick Lane. Bishop’s weed anyone?

Anna: Peter wants the pork vindaloo. We’ll have to evacuate the toilets the day after.

Kirstin: It’s going to be a great month!

Cookbook(s) of the month, April 2011, Curries and Cupcakes