“Apple and Blackberry Crumble” from “Deliciously Ella”


Ella: It’s a bit weird to be eating such an autumnal dessert in March.

Tom: It’s an autumnal crumble.

Ella: I like the strawberry crumble more. Will you make it for my birthday again please? But this crumble is very nice. And the colours are nice too.

Kirstin: What do you think of the topping? Can you taste the coconut?

Tom: Oh, is that what it is?

Kirstin: Of course there is coconut oil in it. It wouldn’t be a proper vegan/vegetarian of the last few years if it didn’t have coconut oil in it.

Tom: What’s it instead of?

Kirstin: Usually yummier things, like butter. And we’ve got loads left over.

Tom: Have it for breakfast.

Kirstin: Funny you should say that, because that’s just what Deliciously Ella suggests.

Ella: That’s just what I did last summer. I had crumble for breakfast when we had leftovers. Do you think there will be any left on Monday?

Kirstin: Possibly.

Ella: I might have breakfast in that case!

Kirstin: Woo hoo!

Tom: You know when Ella is grown up, she’s going to write a book like this. It’s going to be called Sarcastically Ella. Or maybe Maliciously Ella.

“Apple and Blackberry Crumble” from “Deliciously Ella”

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