Our Verdict: Bosh!

Maureen: This was awful.

Kirstin: You can’t say that. Well, you can say that.

Maureen: It might not be awful, but because there was so much push back from the get go in this family, it was awful here. But perhaps it was doomed to fail.

Kirstin: I had no idea that vegetables took so long so prepare.

Maureen: You knew about it, but you just forgot about it. Prep time with vegetarian recipes is always a killer because everything needs peeling or chopping, or a combination of the two.

Kirstin: They’re not very good at time management when writing the recipes, either.

Maureen: I don’t think the recipes were that well written. The instructions for how to make a risotto, albeit one that didn’t use butter or parmesan, were appalling if not downright incorrect. Though perhaps it’s impossible to make a good vegan risotto since you can’t use butter or parmesan. Did you have anything that you really liked?

Kirstin: Ella really liked the tofu and I really liked the spicy rice I made. I was not expecting it to be as yummy as it was. It was really interesting. It was amazing.

Maureen: Let’s not forget, they are Internet superstars. So maybe I’m missing something, but really, it just wan’t really good.

Kirstin: The instructions were terrible sometimes. If you’re frying something, you can’t chop something up at the same time. Everything must be prepared beforehand. That’s just how it works. You can’t chop while you’re cooking. This book was alright, but would I use it again? Maybe one or two recipes.

Maureen: My family was right. As predicted, this one is going straight to the charity shop.

Kirstin: For the Bosh boys, the flavours weren’t that impressive. For Anna Jones, the flavours were great every time. I’m sure there are better vegan books out there.

Maureen: And don’t forget the fluorescent orange.

Kirstin: How could I?


Overall Grade (A- F):  D (Maureen) C (Kirstin)
Best recipes: Maureen: I’m not sure I’ve got one to recommend, which tells you everything you need to know.  Kirstin: The spicy rice was delicious.
Grade for Photography (A-F):  B. It was alright.
Any disasters? Yes. Oh, the guacamole. It’s already vegan, don’t change the recipe so it turns into this disgusting green gloop.
Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? Kirstin: Very low rotation bookshelf. Maureen: Charity shop for sure. Sorry, Bosh bros.                                                                                               Would You Give This Book to a Friend?: Maureen: Absolutely not. Kirstin: Nope.

Our Verdict: Bosh!

“Nice Spice Rice” from Bosh!

Kirstin: So the time management in this recipe was significantly better. Preparing all the vegetables and sauces beforehand. SO MANY VEGETABLES! I loved their combination for this recipe, but I wonder if it could be adapted for any set of leftover vegetables. Probably.

And the peanut butter sauce. GENIUS!
I will definitely be making this one again. Especially now I know what I’m doing with all the ingredients. Complete deliciousness.

“Nice Spice Rice” from Bosh!

“Guacamole” from “Bosh”

There’s been considerable pushback (read: open revolt) at this house for a month of vegan recipes, so I figured one workaround in continuing to test the book without testing my family’s patience would be to make food that I know they already like.

Enter guacamole.

However, what I didn’t count on was making Bosh! guacamole. Stupidly, I figured all guacamole recipes are more or less the same, with some minor tweaks here or there. I rarely use a recipe anymore, given that guacamole is so simple I have it memorised.

For the record, my don’t-bother-to-look-it-up guacamole recipe is: Mash up two avocados, Chop up 1/2 a red onion very finely; Deseed and chop up a tomato; Add maldon sea salt; For heat, either add a few dashes of Tabasco sauce or half a chilli (depending on what’s to hand); Throw in some chopped coriander (if there’s some lurking in the frig); Mix all together; Add enough lime juice so it’s the consistency you want. Eat immediately. Remember to share.

The Bosh Bros. recipe is not a million miles away from this one until you get to the part that says: add one tablespoon of olive oil. Yes, you read that right: OLIVE OIL IN GUACAMOLE.

Why, Bosh Bros, WHY? HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY RUIN GUACAMOLE? A LEGIT VEGAN RECIPE THAT DOESN’T NEED TWEAKING??? (Apologies for the shouting, but I am irate.)

Needless to say, the guacamole was disgusting. It turns out there’s a reason that no guacamole recipe I ever read added olive oil: because it doesn’t work. Look at the picture above. Have you studied it? Does that look like any guacamole you’ve ever had? Or any guacamole you’d want to eat? No and No.

This recipe did little to convince my family that veganism was something worth doing. I did try to point out to them that guacamole is vegan already, to which they retorted that maybe there’s something wrong with this cookbook. They may have a point.

Back to the Bosh drawing board.

“Guacamole” from “Bosh”

“Pad Thai” from Bosh!

Kirstin: So here I am with the tofu again.

Ella: I love tofu.

Kirstin: What do you think of this one then?

Ella: I preferred the sticks of tofu from last week.

Kirstin: I’m getting used to all the shenanigans with the cornflour and tofu now. It’s still a faff and surely there must be an easier way of coating all the sides of tofu with cornflour. A device? Or can you buy it pre-cornfloured? That’s what I was thinking as I turned all over all the little cubes of tofu to coat them.

Ella: I love the sauce too.

Kirstin: It is good, isn’t it? I am a firm believer in getting everything ready before a stir fry. Something these bosh boys do not seem to also believe in. So I carefully prepared everything while the tofu was doing the thing under weights. I can’t begin to imagine how much longer this recipe would have taken otherwise. Time management. Always. I’m not sure I would make this again but I will definitely cook with tofu again.

“Pad Thai” from Bosh!

“Crispy Chilli Tofu” from Bosh!

Kirstin: Maureen wished me luck with this tofu recipe. And then I realised that I really haven’t cooked with tofu very many times.

Ella: I love the texture of this!

Kirstin: You do?

Ella: Well you know with meat, that when you take a mouthful, you’re never quite sure what texture you are going to get; you know sometimes it’s a bit fatty, or there’s a crunchy bit. But with this, I know it’s cronchy on the outside and not so much on the inside.

Kirstin: Is that how you feel about meat?

Ella: YES!

Kirstin: Oh ok. I had no idea. I had to do all this stuff with weights and cornflour to make it cronchy.

Ella: And now my mouth is on fire!

Kirstin: I think I might use less sriracha next time. But I do feel like I’m eating food from the 21st Century.

Miles: That’s because it’s just protein.

Ella: But I really do like its uniform texture. The inside is all the exact same consistency. I hope you’re going to put a link to the “I Love Tofu” song in this post.

Kirstin: Obvs! I might even investigate more tofu recipes!

“Crispy Chilli Tofu” from Bosh!

“Quick Puttanesca Spaghetti” from “Bosh!”

Maureen: Meat free Monday! This is from the new cookbook.

Andrew (18): What’s the new cookbook all about?

Maureen (cautiously): It’s by two guys with beards. They’re obviously hipsters.

Nicholas (14, Suspiciously): But what’s it ABOUT? That doesn’t tell us anything.

Maureen: It’s all about healthy eating.

Andrew: And?

Maureen: OK. It’s vegetarian. [The table erupts with displeasure.]

Nicholas: A whole month of eating vegetarian? NO WAY.

Tim: I’m predicting this right now: you’re going to make maybe two things, we’re not going to like them, and then this book is going to the charity shop.

Maureen: We don’t know that. Maybe there will be lots of good things in there. This looks nice. Hang on, I have to take a picture before I put some parmesan cheese on it.

Tim: That’s not very vegan of you.

Nicholas: Wait a minute. Not only is it vegetarian, but it’s VEGAN? This gets worse and worse.

Maureen: How very open minded of all of you. Come on, we have to give it at try. It’s the whole point of the blog. This spaghetti is nice.

Andrew: Sure, it’s fine, but it’s better with cheese on it.

Maureen: I forgot how much chopping is involved with vegetarian meals. I’m definitely going to have to factor that into my prep schedule.

Tim: Sure, this spaghetti is good, but I’m still sure this cookbook will be off to the charity shop by the end of the month.

Maureen: We’ll see.

“Quick Puttanesca Spaghetti” from “Bosh!”

“Thai Red Curry” from Bosh!

Ella: I would have eaten all of this if there had been different vegetables.

Kirstin: What do you mean?

Ella: Well I ate all the baby sweetcorn and that french vegetable.

Kirstin: Which french vegetable are we talking about?

Ella: You know. That green one.

Kirstin: Oh. Mangetout! It’s a good thing I didn’t add the tomatoes in that case. But that was only because I forgot to buy them.

Tom: I really liked this one. So many fantastic flavours.

Kirstin: So far all the recipes I have made from this book have involved a whole lot of chopping. Much more than I am used to, but if they taste as good as this, then I’ll take it. AND we have leftover Thai paste, so we can have this again.

Ella: And maybe just have the baby sweetcorn and french vegetables?

Kirstin: Maybe not…

“Thai Red Curry” from Bosh!

“Massaman Curry” from Bosh!

Kirstin: This was a complete success! Well apart from the time it took to cut up all the vegetables. And the length of time it took to cook on the hob. And the fact that Miles really liked it, but would have preferred if it had included chicken too! I have to admit I am slightly worried about the effect of all that cauliflower on my insides today; should be interesting. Especially as I am wearing a jumpsuit.
But as Tom said, he would eat vegan more often if we ate things like this! So that’s a good start to the month.

“Massaman Curry” from Bosh!

Bosh! Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. by Henry Firth and Ian Theasby

Maureen: You were right about this cookbook. It’s very orange.

Kirstin: It’s very fluoresecent, which means we’re getting old, because we remember fluoresence the first time around, back when it was fashionable.

Maureen: So a month of vegetarian meals, then. I think I’m going to neglect to tell my family.

Kirstin: But it’s a good thing to do a vegan book. We wanted to do a vegan book because we should all be eating less meat and this is one way to do that.

Maureen: Even though it’s a vegan book, I can already tell you that I’ll be using butter. I couldn’t live without it, and it’s unlikely I’ll be using coconut oil again, but we’ll see.

Kirstin: We’ve done vegan books before.

Maureen: Yes, it’s been mixed results at best with the previous vegan books. But we’re willing to have another go. The recipes do look good though. There’s a lot of things I’d like to try. But I know I’m not going to be a vegan by the end of this month.

Kirstin: No, me neither.



Bosh! Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. by Henry Firth and Ian Theasby