“Chicken Masala” from India Cookbook

Kirstin: Bank Holiday Monday. And I was in the mood for a curry. This looked like an easy recipe, with just 7 ingredients, plus the chicken. I read the ingredient list and had bought the aniseed online. But unfortunately I did not read the recipe directions thoroughly enough because there was the ominous line saying I had to marinate the chicken for 2 hours. Sigh. So, it had about 30 minutes. Once marinated, this recipe used a poaching technique followed by frying the meat in ghee.

And already I have been asked when I am making this again. And the answer will be soon because it was a wonderfully, authentic Indian flavourful and easy meal to make. I feel this was a good way to start this book. More.

“Chicken Masala” from India Cookbook

Cookbook of the Month, May 2019: India Cookbook by Pushpesh Pant

Maureen: Why did you pick this book? It’s from 2010 so it’s been around awhile.

Kirstin:  saw it in a bookshop, and it looked like the Indian equivalent of Italy’s Silver Spoon. Miles said that Indian is his favourite food. And we’ve both been there!

Maureen: That’s true, and Tim even lived there for a spell. Though it took him several months to want to eat curry again once he got back.

Kirstin: It comes in its own bag!

Maureen: Why?

Kirstin: Because it’s heavy and it needs its own bag, apparently. It’s quite a big book.

Maureen: I’m looking forward to a month of Indian, but I hope it’s not a wild goose chase to find certain ingredients.

Kirstin: Well, if it is, you don’t have to make it.

Maureen: That’s true.



Cookbook of the Month, May 2019: India Cookbook by Pushpesh Pant