Guest post: “Salty Caramel Ice Cream” from “Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home”

Kirstin: So tonight, I am trying something new, thanks to the wonders of technology. For weeks now, lovely Sam has been tempting me with yummy recipes from this book and finally we decided on a recipe that we could both make, in our own homes, across the Atlantic from one another. We chose Jeni’s Salty Caramel Ice Cream and chatted using Facebook to talk about the recipe. I should add that Sam took all the gorgeous pictures. There’s nothing like Sam’s lovely view of the world in macro. 

Kirstin: What did you think of this recipe? Because this ice cream was your idea and if it hadn’t been for all your help I would have messed up the caramel, for sure.

Sam: I was looking for an ice cream that my husband and son would like….they seem to be opposed to anything that is not either vanilla or mint chocolate chip. I really loved it, to be honest, and could have eaten the entire bowl of it myself. I was very surprised because I am not a fan of caramel flavored anything. My son was unimpressed. He strangely said ‘not a fan of caramel’. Ha! Must be genetic. How about you guys?

Kirstin: But salty caramel is different. It’s the business. I couldn’t believe I had made it, it was so delicious.

Sam: You are correct. It is the business. I didn’t get the whole ‘salt’ part of the salty caramel, though.

Kirstin: Do you get it now? I deliberately left quite large bits of salt in because I like the salty caramel thing. Actually, to be fair, I love caramel in every shape and form. It helps me get through winter, summer….and really, every season when I think about it!

Sam: After reading the recipe again, I now discover that I didn’t put the right amount of salt in there….perhaps that would explain my lack of ‘salty’ in the caramel.

Kirstin: Aha! So you will have to make it again, then!

Sam: No matter. It was delicious. I would put chocolate chips in next time, personally.

Kirstin: Oooo….chocolate chips. Or drizzle with warm chocolate sauce…

Sam: I was also thinking it would be delicious with some coffee flavor in there… you would have to steep the milk in coffee at some stage I suppose. But yes. warm chocolate sauce. Yum. I’m usually up for anything with chocolate.

Kirstin: Could you do it affogato style where you pour the coffee over the ice cream?

Sam: I’ve never done the affogato thing before. Hmmm…

Kirstin: It’s best with vanilla ice cream and an espresso. Perfect after a long boozy lunch/dinner…

Sam: And yes, I will have to definitely make it again and put the proper amount of salt in. Leave it to me to goof up the recipe.

Kirstin: I almost forgot the cheese part at the end. I had the whole thing in the bag, in the ice bath, was clearing up and realised I had left it behind….

Sam: Oh my… sounds like me. I am forever doing something like that. This particular ice cream was a little trickier than the others, but totally worth it.

Kirstin: Sam, I can’t wait to meet you….we will just drool our way around New York!

Sam: A person-to-person ice cream throwdown is definitely in order!!!

Guest post: “Salty Caramel Ice Cream” from “Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home”