“Herb-packed fishcakes with hot lemon wedges” from “Flavour”


I love a good fishcake and when I saw these, I was intrigued as potato did not make it into the ingredient list. I used haddock, although she said you could use cod instead. And the curry powder combined with chilli added something very interesting to the mix. Fresh, gorgeous with lemon wedges and perfectly yummy, I would make these again for sure. If you make them though, remember that you have to refrigerate them for at least 30 minutes before cooking, a step I almost forgot! It’s a lovely half an hour to drink a glass of wine and then get on with the frying part.
And see how I’ve saved you all from the terrible fish puns too! Ha!

“Herb-packed fishcakes with hot lemon wedges” from “Flavour”

“Lemon Sole with preserved lemon, coriander and capers” from “Stirring Slowly”


Kirstin: It’s a rainy monday in August. And it’s fish for dinner!

Miles: I love fish!

Kirstin: Tom is doing that thing where he just eats because he doesn’t want to stop and talk.

Tom: That’s because it’s so yum!

Kirstin: This recipe is supposed to take only 15 minutes to cook and it probably would have if I hadn’t kept messing up. My favourite part was when I managed to spray myself with all the defrosted fish water.

Tom: Ah. That’s what you were doing in the bathroom!

Kirstin: Yes, I was washing all my clothes as they smelled of fish! Also I couldn’t make this recipe look as pretty as it does in the book.

Tom: I think that’s because their fish had more skin on!

Kirstin: I might not chop it into strips next time and just fry the fish whole. We also kept the salad separate from the couscous, but that was just for Miles.

Miles: I am hoping you make this again!

Kirstin: Oh good! So am I!

“Lemon Sole with preserved lemon, coriander and capers” from “Stirring Slowly”

“Fish tacos” from “Simply Nigella”


Kirstin: I’ve always looked at the fish tacos recipe in Gwyneth’s book but never made it. So when I saw Nigella had done a version, I was totally up for it. There’s a little bit of faffing as you have to get a variety of small dishes ready for this, but it was totally worth it. If nothing else, for the mayonnaise/hot sauce which was divine. I would definitely consider making this again, maybe for an easy lunch with friends as things can easily be prepared beforehand.

“Fish tacos” from “Simply Nigella”

“Fish Tagine with Potatoes, Tomatoes and Olives” from “The Moro Cookbook”

IMG_6271Maureen: Fish tagine tonight, boys. What do you think?

Nicholas (11): This is good!

Andrew (15): (unenthusiastically) It’s alright.

Tim: I think it’s good. I’d give it 7/10: would eat again.

Maureen: Why such a low score? I think this is nice.

Tim: I’d prefer fish that’s been grilled, or pan fried, so it had a bit of crunch it in. Since this was steamed, there’s no crunch.

Maureen: Funny. That doesn’t bother me. I just think it’s good.

Nicholas: I’d give it a 9/10! I think it’s great.

Andrew: I’m not feeling it.

Maureen: The only problem with this was grilling the peppers was a bit of a faff.

Tim: The next time you make it, you should just use peppers that are already grilled and skinned. That would save you time.

Maureen: You’re right. I’ll do that next time. I also wouldn’t mind one of those fancy Le Crueset tagines to cook it in, but a girl has got to dream…



“Fish Tagine with Potatoes, Tomatoes and Olives” from “The Moro Cookbook”

“Salmon with Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce” from “The Art of Eating Well”

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Kirstin: So what do we all think of this then?

Ella: It needs more meat. Like, proper meat. By proper meat, I mean bacon. It needs to just be bacon.

Kirstin: Are you missing bacon by any chance, Ella?

Ella: I’ve been having four pieces of bacon every day for two weeks at Latin Camp. I am in withdrawal.

Kirstin: But we are eating healthily. So this is fish.

Ella: Bacon is healthy! Bacon is a vegetable!

Tom: I really like the sauce. What’s in it?

Kirstin: Flat leaf parsley, shallots, garlic and can you guess the secret ingredient?

Tom: Chilli?

Kirstin: Blimey, you are good! And yes. I would definitely make this again.

“Salmon with Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce” from “The Art of Eating Well”

“Mum’s Baked Trout” from “The Art of Eating Well”

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Tom: This is great. It’s like a fish with a salad inside it!

Kirstin: Your favourite salad, too — red onion and tomato!

Tom: And the fish is surprisingly substantial. There’s a lot to eat here.

Kirstin: It’s very easy to make. Super easy. One to remember next time we are entertaining vegetarians. Or anyway!

Tom: You just stuff the fish, bung everything in a pan and slam it in the oven, right?

Kirstin: Yes. But I realised there were no carbs. So I made some focaccia to go with it.

Tom: It would be good with rice. But your focaccia is yum.

“Mum’s Baked Trout” from “The Art of Eating Well”

“Pan-Fried Sea Bass, Capers and Lemon” with “Green Bean and Little Gem Salad” from “Bill’s Italian Food”



Anna: I am stealing Kirstin’s photo for this post in honour of the fact I made this because she loved it so much. All I can say is that we’ve had it three times in the last 3 weeks. It is quick, delicious, super easy and perfect for these hot summer evenings. Deceptively simple but absolutely wonderful. This book keeps on giving…..

To read Kirstin’s original post click here.

“Pan-Fried Sea Bass, Capers and Lemon” with “Green Bean and Little Gem Salad” from “Bill’s Italian Food”

“Pan-Fried Sea Bass, Capers and Lemon” with “Green Bean and Little Gem Salad” from “Bill’s Italian Food”

Kirstin: Miles, you’ve eaten all your fish!

Miles: I love it!

Kirstin: But you didn’t like this the last time I made it.


Miles: Well I like it now!

Kirstin: So this is the second time I’ve made recipes that weren’t appreciated the first time around. That’s definitely a lesson learnt for me.

Tom: The fish is delicious. And I love it when you make this salad.

Kirstin: Do you remember when I made this salad and served it with just a bit of cheese? It’s a perfect summer salad and such beautiful greens. And my goodness, Ella you’ve eaten all your fish too!

Tom: I think that means we’ll be having this again.

Kirstin: Too right! I adore sea bass. And it was a good excuse to  make some sourdough ciabatta to go with too!

“Pan-Fried Sea Bass, Capers and Lemon” with “Green Bean and Little Gem Salad” from “Bill’s Italian Food”

“Salmon Steaks in Chraimeh sauce” from “Jerusalem”

Kirstin: I used cod pieces for this recipe as I couldn’t find salmon steaks anywhere.

Tom: Well they worked well.

Kirstin: Yes, this was a perfect dish to combat all that rain outside! I served it warm, with rice. Would I make it again? Probably not, but I enjoyed it. And it wasn’t too difficult to make! The flavours were wonderful together too.


“Salmon Steaks in Chraimeh sauce” from “Jerusalem”

“Cod Cakes in Tomato Sauce” from “Jerusalem”



If you’d like to give this recipe a try, click through this sentence to find it reproduced in The Guardian. (Incidentally, their picture is much better.)

Maureen: Tonight, for Fish Friday, we’re having fish cakes, thanks to Nicholas. Once he heard that we were doing “Jerusalem” for one our cookbooks this month, he asked me to make these again.

Nicholas (10): I thought you did this cookbook for the blog ages ago.

Maureen: I got it ages ago, but we’re just doing it now. So now we can have these fish cakes again. I’m amazed you remembered what book they were from, Nicholas.

Nicholas: I just remembered that we had these fish cakes before and how much we liked them.

Maureen: What do you think of the ones tonight?

Nicholas: They’re great.

Andrew (14): I agree. They’re good.

Tim: I would say they’re delicious, but when you make it again, double the sauce so there’s enough.

Maureen: I definitely agree with that. There’s not nearly enough tomato sauce. The other thing I’ll do the next time is whizz everything up in the food processor. It took ages to cut it all up by hand.

Tim: I’m loving the cod cheeks!

Maureen: That was a top tip from our friendly fishmonger. Cod cheeks are INCREDIBLY cheap, and since you’re just chopping them up anyway, it’s definitely the way to go if they’ve got them in. How many stars would you give it?

Andrew: Four stars.

Nicholas: Five stars.

Tim: Four and a half stars. The only thing keeping it from a five is the lack of sauce.

Maureen: We’ll definitely be doing this one again.

“Cod Cakes in Tomato Sauce” from “Jerusalem”