Our Verdict – “Plenty More” and “Shoku-Iku!”

This was a combination month.

Maureen took on “Plenty More” by Yotam Ottolenghi. I can say with authority that he is a charming, lovely man, as Kirstin and I were lucky enough to go to a demonstration and book signing of his in the autumn. In fact, that’s where I bought this copy of the book.

While lovely, his recipes take more time, effort and ingredients than average recipes. But in my opinion, putting more time, effort and ingredients in elevates these vegetarian recipes to absolute deliciousness. I plan on turning to this cookbook again and again, particularly for Meat Free Monday.

Others may disagree with me. As regular readers of this blog will know, Kirstin and Anna had a terrible experience with the predecessor of this book, “Plenty.”  They liked the recipes, this just didn’t like the time and effort involved, and I can understand why they feel that way.

I would highly recommend “Plenty More”, but only if you know it’s not an easy or quick road to deliciousness.

I love Shoku-Iku and look forward to cooking more recipes in the summer from it. We already have a firm favourite that I shall be making on a regular basis. Simple, tasty Asian cuisine at its best.

“Plenty More”  and “Shoku-Iku!”
Overall Grade (A- F): Maureen: A Kirstin: A
Best recipes: Maureen: I absolutely loved the Mixed Vegetables with Yogurt and Green Chilli. Indeed, I am getting hungry just typing that in again. The whole family gave an enthusiastic thumbs up to the Grilled Ziti with Feta. Kirstin: The pork recipe is a big hit in this house.
Grade for Photography (A-F):  A  (This is a beautiful-looking book, from the cover to the back page.
Any disasters? Yes! I had high hopes for the Brussels Sprout Risotto, but absolutely no one liked it. It was too much of a deviation from our usual risotto. I didn’t write it up because it was such an utter disaster and I didn’t have pictures. Kirstin: None yet!
Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? High-rotation vegetarian bookshelf for me. Kirstin: Definitely staying high rotation for me too.


Our Verdict – “Plenty More” and “Shoku-Iku!”

“Maki’s miso pork” from ” Shoku-Iku”

Kirstin: I have now made this twice and on both occasions failed to take any pictures of it.

Ella: Epic fail!

Tom: Why is that?

Kirstin: Because it smells so delicious, I need to eat it straight away!

Tom: It did smell good when you were cooking it.

Kirstin: This is such a fantastic way to cook pork. I will definitely put this on my high rotation of pork recipes. Once you have that white miso, you’re set with this recipe.

Miles: I love this. Can we have it again please?

“Maki’s miso pork” from ” Shoku-Iku”

Cookbooks of the month, February 2015, Plenty More and Shoku-Iku!

Maureen: It’s a combination month!

Kirstin: Yes. I can’t face doing Ottolenghi again. He’s such a sweet man, though.

Maureen: I did love seeing him cooking and talking about this book when we saw him in the autumn. You can’t face doing another month of Ottlenghi. So I’ll do “Plenty More” and you’ll do “Shoku-Iku” and then we’ll meet at the end of the month.

Kirstin: Sounds like a plan.

Cookbooks of the month, February 2015, Plenty More and Shoku-Iku!