“Devil’s Curry” from “Comfort”

Kirstin: It’s getting easier and easier to find galangal in the shops, but never have I used fresh turmeric in a recipe (the picture above is of both so you can compare them, should you ever want to!). So this was a recipe I was particularly curious about. Also. Ten chillies. Bring it on. Devil’s curry is a Malaysian curry, so it’s quite dry and very hot. All the things we love. And I mean seriously hot! Which we really, really love! It was a joy to make, smelling all the divine curry smells along the way and a total joy to eat. Much closer to heavenly than anything related to devils, if you ask me. Brilliant!

“Devil’s Curry” from “Comfort”

“Pan-Fried Salmon with Lemongrass Sambal and Roasted Broccoli” from “Comfort”

Kirstin: Any recipe that involves 4 cloves of garlic and 4 red chillies is a winner in my books. Chuck in some lemongrass and I’m totally sold. I’ve never made own sambal before and I stupidly misread the recipe so whizzed up the lemongrass into it. I’m going to blame the whole excitement from cutting up aall the chillies. The broccoli was lovely with chilli oil too and the salmon balanced the sambal and broccoli by just being fried very simply. Would I make this again? Yes. And I’ll definitely be making that sambal again. Probably double the amount so I can have it with other things too!

“Pan-Fried Salmon with Lemongrass Sambal and Roasted Broccoli” from “Comfort”

“Chicken Miso Milanese with Soba Noodles” from “Comfort”

Kirstin: Oh my goodness. ALL the miso.

Miles: It’s yum!I love it.

Tom: Me too. Are those panko breakcrumbs?

Kirstin: Oh yes. And with lots of miso too. I had to multiply the recipe by 4 as it as it’s written for 1.

Ella: I love the noodles!

Kirstin: I am so making this again. But grrrrrr I forgot to take any pictures. AND the kittens enjoyed all the leftovers too.

“Chicken Miso Milanese with Soba Noodles” from “Comfort”

Our Verdict: Smitten Kitchen Every Day

This is the second “Smitten Kitchen” book we’ve reviewed on this blog, and it was just as good as the first. However, while we really had a good month of eating, it wasn’t a truly excellent month of eating.

To be fair, Deb Perelman is enthusiastic, and that enthusiasm can be contagious. She could also be a spirit animal for our blog, since she started out as a blogger herself and then transformed herself into a New York Times bestselling author.

According to the tagline, the book would have, “Triumphant & Unfussy New Favorites.” They might be unfussy and some might even be called triumphant, but it remains to be seen if any will become new favourites.

The good thing about this cookbook is she had a wide variety of recipes for all sorts of dishes– everything from breakfast to dessert and things in between. It was nice to have that much variety, but it also meant that the selection for particular dishes (such as for dinners) was a little bit shallow.

That said, I’d come back again and again and again for the brownie waffles. That recipe alone was worth the price of admission.

So this cookbook wasn’t a runaway success for us, but neither was it disastrous. It was just good.

“Smitten Kitchen Every Day”
Overall Grade (A- F):  B+/A- (depending on my mood) (Maureen)
Best recipes: Maureen: By a million miles, the recipe for brownie waffles. Yum. Yum. Yum.
Grade for Photography (A-F):  B.
Any disasters? Nope.
Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? Maureen: Low-rotation bookshelf. There’s some good stuff in there, and I’ll need to keep the brownie waffle recipe handy, but other than that, I don’t think I’ll refer to it regularly.                                                                                            Would You Give This Book to a Friend?: Probably not.

Our Verdict: Smitten Kitchen Every Day

“Sizzling Beef Bulgogi Tacos” from “Smitten Kitchen Every Day”

Kirstin: So in honour of the Winter Olympics, I am making sure we eat a lot of Korean food at the moment. This recipe felt appropriate for a Saturday evening and we all love Bulgogi. The ingredients felt pretty similar to our usual larb, but with beef instead. This was not appreciated by all. The tortillas were a new addition to the recipe, but again they did not go down that well either. BUT Tom and I loved the kimchi addition and the dressing on the lettuce and spring onion was lovely (sesame oil and all). So while I would probably not make these again, I will definitely make the salad again and buy some kimchi to go with our usual larb.

Oh also there was some tortilla art during the meal. Vi Hart would be proud.

“Sizzling Beef Bulgogi Tacos” from “Smitten Kitchen Every Day”

Cookbook of the Month, February 2018: Smitten Kitchen Every Day

Maureen: Looking through, I wouldn’t call it unfussy because they do require a lot of bowls.

Kirstin: She lies!

Maureen: Hopefully the dishes are still triumphant, though, like it says on the cover.

Kirstin: Looking through, there wasn’t much that I was desperate to make. It all seemed a bit fussy to me.

Maureen: The desserts do look good, but some require two days to complete, which truly is a weekend project. She’s just as chatty this time around, which we complained about the last time.

Kirstin: The long introductions meant we had to do a lot of flipping of pages.

Maureen: That’s never ideal.

Kirstin: But I will give it a go.

Maureen: We did like her first book, so hopefully she won’t suffer from second-book-itis.

Cookbook of the Month, February 2018: Smitten Kitchen Every Day