Our favourite cookbooks

Right, let’s get this show on the road. Before we embark on our first cookbook of the month, we’ve been discussing what our all-time favourite cookbooks are.

Anna: This is really hard.  I have lots of favourite recipes that come from various key cookbooks that I make all the time.  But if I had to choose… one of the early Jamie Oliver books, or the Bill Granger one I cooked from in Australia all the time which was Simply Bill. I cook Jamie’s spag bol all the time, and Bill’s sweet chilli dressing salmon thing from Everyday. And the sausage sauce from the first River Cafe book; and the roast chicken from the River Cafe Book Easy, with a lemon up its bum!

Kirstin: The one I cook from the most at the moment would either be Bill Granger’s “Every Day”, or Nigella Lawson’s “Feast”. My favourites would be all the River Cafe cookbooks. There’s something about those books — the first one includes my favourite sausage-sauce recipe, which we cook every Friday. I don’t use the book any more, and it’s all splattered with tomato, but that’s the recipe I cook the most. My obscure favourite would be the Zuni Cafe book, because of the chicken salad recipe. And the mock porchetta.

Our favourite cookbooks

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