“Mushroom, Spinach and Ricotta Yorkshire Pudding” from “Comfort”

March is such a funny month. Not quite winter anymore, but not quite spring. You get fooled into thinking that spring will be arriving when you’re greeted with a sunny morning, only to abandon that notion by dinner time when the temperature has dropped to single digits (celsius).

The recipe is firmly in my favourite food wheelhouse: copious cheese, spinach, mushrooms, and a cheese delivery mechanism, which in this case is a Yorkshire pudding. Yum. Just the sort of thing to warm your belly on a cold March night.

As soon as I surmised that Nicholas, Hater of Spinach, would not be joining us for dinner, I decided to make this. However, what I forgot to account for is that his brother, Andrew, is not a huge fan of mushrooms (it’s the texture, he says). So just after I asked, “Doesn’t this look delicious?” he replied, “Are there mushrooms in this?”


Needless to say, Andrew was not a fan. But that’s his loss because the adults at the table loved this. In fact, anyone who didn’t have an aversion to spinach or mushrooms would probably enthusiastically eat this, like we did.

John Whaite’s genius idea is to make a Yorkshire pudding, take it out when it’s done, slather it with loads of cheese, spinach and mushrooms (with the latter two ingredients fried when the yorkshire pudding is baking) and then bake it again. Honestly, it was sublime.

Highly recommended for people who don’t have food aversions.

“Mushroom, Spinach and Ricotta Yorkshire Pudding” from “Comfort”

“Seeded Popping Yorkshires” from “A Modern Way to Eat”

Kirstin: I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love these. I have made them every week for the last month and they always disappear straight away. Anna has a fantastic list of five commandments of Yorkshire puddings, which is well worth the price of this book and ensures faultless Yorkshires on every occasion. And the addition of toasted sesame and poppy seeds is just genius. Today I’m messing around with a different muffin tin, hence the slightly dysfunctional looking puddings on show for this pic. But I mean to persevere because I know these are worth it and this tin gets more of the batter in which means more yumminess!

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“Seeded Popping Yorkshires” from “A Modern Way to Eat”

“Toad in the Hole” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

Or to be more accurate, maybe we should call it, “Deconstructed Toad in the Hole.”

Tim: I thought Toad in the Hole was supposed to have the batter and sausage together.

Maureen: Yes, me too. It doesn’t seem like it would be Toad in the Hole when it’s this way– with the batter separate from the sausages. This seems more like sausages with a side of Yorkshire pudding.

Tim: What’s the point of doing it this way? Maybe it’s to mess up more pans.

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“Toad in the Hole” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”