“Granny Smith’s Pork & Rice Salad” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

Nicholas (8): Did you make this?

Maureen: Yes, of course I made it. This is from the new Jamie cookbook and we’re all on duty, so get ready to be articulate.

Nicholas: I don’t mean the rice, I mean the bread.

Andrew (Now 12! Happy Birthday!): Mom never makes bread for fear that Paul Hollywood will come knocking on the door and say, “Those bubbles in the bread are too big!”

Maureen (laughing): We’re off topic now, though I did love watching “The Great British Bake Off.” Even if it did mean I spent a lot of time yelling at the television. What does everyone think of this rice salad from Jamie?

Tim: I’m confused. How is this a British dish?

Maureen: I think it’s the combination of pork and apples with Caribbean flavours. Hang on. I don’t want to misquote Saint Jamie. Here’s what he said: “The great Caribbean classic, rice and peas, inspired me to create a really exciting rice salad of my own, because when done well, it’s a truly wonderful thing. The flavours in this one are like a roast pork dinner meets a rice salad… Tossing the pork with the rice helps lighten the dish up a little– so it’s perfect hot or cold for a more summery vibe.”

Tim: I’m not convinced.

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“Granny Smith’s Pork & Rice Salad” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

“Liz’s Banana Bread” from “A Taste of Home”

Anna: Yum, yum, yum!

Peter: Why have you decided to make banana bread today? It’s not something you’ve made that often before.

Anna: Because I have been craving it for weeks. And I haven’t made it much before as you told me you don’t like banana bread. Do you this?

Peter: I’m not a fan of mushy bananas.

Anna: You can hardly call this mushy bananas! It’s a bread.  Flavoured with bananas. With crunchy walnuts and sultanas in it. Besides, I didn’t see you leaving it on your plate. It seems to have disappeared….

Peter: This reminds me of Australia where they are very big on banana bread.

Anna: You’re right! And it reminds me of my childhood. My mother used to make banana bread and the taste of it takes me back 30 years. I need all the help I can get these days. Will you be taking a slice to work.

Peter: I will, but will I smell of booze at my desk? There’s certainly alcohol in this.

Anna: Just a bit of rum, that’s all. This was so easy I’ll be making it again!

“Liz’s Banana Bread” from “A Taste of Home”

“Pasta with Walnut Sauce” from “A Taste of Home”

Maureen: We’re on duty tonight, folks. We’ve got something from the new cookbook. It’ll be a month of Italian recipes from Angela Hartnett. It’s bound to be a good month. Today we’re having pasta with walnut sauce.

Nicholas (8): I would have liked it without the lettuce.

Tim (with mock horror): There’s something green in this, Mom. It might be good for me! You know I don’t like green salad stuff!

Nicholas (not picking up on the sarcasm): Yes, it ruins it a bit.

Maureen: It’s just parsley! It won’t kill you!

Nicholas: Sorry. Erase that.

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“Pasta with Walnut Sauce” from “A Taste of Home”

“Carrot cake” from “Bill’s Basics”

Anna: Phew.  This went much better than the Cake of DOOM.  Apart from you forgetting half the ingredients.

Kirstin: I thought I HAD bought them!

Tom: So you didn’t forget them — you forgot that you hadn’t bought them.

Anna: This is a perfect Sunday afternoon cake. It’s fruity, it’s like a tea-time cake. It’s not a dessert cake. And it’s got at least two of your five-a-day in it.

Kirstin: It’s my first carrot cake!

Tom: I liked the raisins. Are they usually in carrot cakes?

Kirstin: They were supposed to be sultanas.

Anna: I thought they worked. They were darker and chewier than sultanas would have been. Perhaps because the cake was slightly burned.

Kirstin: We have at least figured out my oven now.

Anna: I think it would work very well with chopped dates in it, in place of the raisins.

Kirstin: So do you think Peter might like some of this cake then? On his sick bed? With his chicken noodle soup?

Anna: Yes, I think I will take him some home.  I’ll eat it if he can’t!

“Carrot cake” from “Bill’s Basics”