Tonight’s Dinner: Turkey Burgers from “It’s All Good”

CBAMTurkeyBurgerWhat We’re Eating Again: Middle Eastern Turkey Burgers with Cucumber and Yogurt Sauce

From: “It’s All Good” – May 2013  Although we didn’t feature this recipe from the cookbook when we reviewed it, Kirstin did make a variation of it with her chicken burgers (made with turkey), Thai style. (Link here) “Jerusalem” also has a very good turkey burger recipe, which we’ve also enjoyed many times. (Link here)

Why: When we’re in the mood for burgers, but don’t necessarily want to eat red meat, turkey burgers fill the bill quite nicely. The trick is finding turkey mince, but I’ve found more and more supermarkets stock it now, including our local Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

Top Tips: Because turkey is, to put it kindly, somewhat lacking in taste, you really have to add a lot of flavour from other sources.

Recipe Link: You can see the recipe Gwyneth created for turkey burgers, by clicking through this sentence. The other highly-recommended turkey burger recipe from “Jerusalem”, was reproduced by 3 Bad Mice blog, which you can read by clicking through this sentence.

Tonight’s Dinner: Turkey Burgers from “It’s All Good”

“Turkey & Courgette Burgers with Spring Onion & Cumin” from “Jerusalem”

CBAMTurkeyBurgersTim: Yum.

Maureen: I absolutely agree. I had forgotten about this recipe until you reminded me. This is the second time that’s happened with this cookbook. It’s perfect for a summer night. It didn’t take too long to prepare, and it’s great with all the fresh vegetables on the side.

Andrew (14): Where’s the bread? Or the rolls? If they’re turkey burgers, they should have rolls, right?

Maureen: Funny you should ask that. Your father and I had exactly the same discussion in the aisles of Waitrose, but he said we didn’t have to get rolls because there wasn’t one in the pictures. Then as I was making it, he offered to make pita bread or flat bread, but I said, no, it was too late for bread.

Andrew: It’s great, but I think it needs bread.

Maureen: I’m not sure bread is an absolute necessity, but some pita would be nice the next time we make it. What do you think Nicholas?

Nicholas (11): They’re good.

Tim: These are my favourite turkey burgers, by far.

Maureen: Kirstin is a big fan of the ones by Gwyneth Paltrow from “It’s All Good,” but I think these are aces.

Tim: We also get to use some more sumac. This is good, since we have such a surplus of it in the house.

Maureen: The soured cream and sumac sauce is also good for dipping in all the crudites we’ve got on the table. Though I don’t think the boys agree.

Andrew: I’m not as sure about the sumac sauce, but I love the burgers. I’m going to have another.

Maureen: Another hungry teenager satisfied. I call that a result.

If you’d like to make this yourself, the blog 3 Bad Mice has the recipe. Click through this paragraph to be taken to the blog.

“Turkey & Courgette Burgers with Spring Onion & Cumin” from “Jerusalem”