“Coconut and Raspberry Slice” from “The Primrose Bakery Book”

Anna: This is a real tea time thing to bake, the sort of cake you’d find on a fancy cake stand at Fortnum’s. As you were coming round specifically for tea it was only appropriate I baked this.

Anne: But you didn’t just bake this, you made cookies as well.

Anna: This is true. And you have also brought a variety of Waitrose’s finest baked goods. But teatime isn’t teatime without a bit of variety! Shall I prepare you a smorgasbord of high calorie delights?

Anne: Yes please. I did BMF this morning, so I think I’ve worked off enough calories to compensate.

Anna: Can’t say that I have, but I did bake these slices and the cookies which expended a degree of energy. What do you think?

Anne: Delicious! The coconut stuff is super sweet but it’s offset nicely by the tart raspberry. They are a bit mushy though.

Anna: I know! They were a bit of a nightmare to get out of the tin, let alone slice. In fact ‘slice’ is a rather ambitious name for these. It’s the raspberries in them. I knew it would make them go mushy and so they did. I’m not sure quite how to get round that, given they are raspberry slices.

Anne: They are still delicious.

Anna: Yes, but not very beautiful. I don’t think  I can be bothered with making them again because of this. I will stick to my faithful cookies and brownies for now.

“Coconut and Raspberry Slice” from “The Primrose Bakery Book”

“My Nan’s St Clement’s Cake” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

Anna: You know, this reminds me of the sort of cake you’d get at a village fair, with a cup of tea for a £1.  All proceeds to the NSPCC or something.

Kirstin: What, you mean a BRITISH village fair?

Anna: Exactly.

Kirstin: That sort that you got during the War, in Downton Abbey? For cheering up the troops? Did Mrs Patmore make it?

Anna: Daisy made it. She wept into the batter as she thought of our William at the Front. Surrounded by Germans one minute, back in Downton the next.

Kirstin: But she doesn’t love William! Or… does… she??!!

Anna: So, we’re agreed then. This cake is as British as Downton Abbey.

Kirstin: And possibly a little bit drier than it could be. I feel it should be moister.

Anna: Just living up to its wartime village fete image then. Haven’t you heard of rationing?

PostScript: We baked this last week before the tragic news of our William’s passing. Poor Daisy!






“My Nan’s St Clement’s Cake” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

“Liz’s Banana Bread” from “A Taste of Home”

Anna: Yum, yum, yum!

Peter: Why have you decided to make banana bread today? It’s not something you’ve made that often before.

Anna: Because I have been craving it for weeks. And I haven’t made it much before as you told me you don’t like banana bread. Do you this?

Peter: I’m not a fan of mushy bananas.

Anna: You can hardly call this mushy bananas! It’s a bread.  Flavoured with bananas. With crunchy walnuts and sultanas in it. Besides, I didn’t see you leaving it on your plate. It seems to have disappeared….

Peter: This reminds me of Australia where they are very big on banana bread.

Anna: You’re right! And it reminds me of my childhood. My mother used to make banana bread and the taste of it takes me back 30 years. I need all the help I can get these days. Will you be taking a slice to work.

Peter: I will, but will I smell of booze at my desk? There’s certainly alcohol in this.

Anna: Just a bit of rum, that’s all. This was so easy I’ll be making it again!

“Liz’s Banana Bread” from “A Taste of Home”