“Spatchcocked Chicken” from “How to Eat a Peach”

The full title to this should be, “Spatchcocked Chicken with Chilli, Garlic, Parsley and Almond Pangrattato.” In the introduction, Diana Henry admits that there’s nothing more to this than roast chicken with yummy stuff scattered over the top when it’s done roasting.

That’s absolutely true, but it’s also absolutely delicious. And frankly, what’s wrong with a roast chicken with chilli, garlic, parsley and almond pangrattato scattered over the top? Nothing at all.

Also, here’s a top tip from our friendly butcher at Dring’s: while it is relatively easy to spatchcock a chicken yourself, it’s better to get someone else to do it because it might ruin your knives if you do it. Good to know. (Also, I’m pretty lazy and when any task can be done by my butcher– deboning, deskinning, de-anything– I’ll have them do it.)

This one was a winner. We’ve been having an unusually scorching summer in London, so this was also a good one to make in the heat because I could bang the chicken in the oven, and then leave the hot kitchen to go read out back. But this would work any time of year, frankly.

“Spatchcocked Chicken” from “How to Eat a Peach”

“Spatchcock and Sides” from “Virgin to Veteran”

Andrew (12): That chicken is some good eating!

Tim: I would definitely want to have this again.

Nicholas (9): I would want to have it again, but not with the coleslaw. Just with carrots.

Andrew: Same.

Maureen: You guys need to go to more American picnics, where coleslaw is considered its own food group in the summer. It’s all delicious.

Tim: This is a plate full of yum. The grilled vegetables are also really good too.

Maureen: Yes, but we’re not talking about those. I can’t stop eating this chicken, it’s so good.

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“Spatchcock and Sides” from “Virgin to Veteran”