“Spaghetti with mushrooms and fennel seeds” from “Good Things to Eat”

Kirstin: Did you like it?

Tom: Yes. A very good midweek pasta dish. And I always think mushrooms are the nearest thing to having meat, if you’re not going to have meat.

Kirstin: He’s good at these pasta dishes, isn’t our man Lucas?

Tom: He is. Like the carbonara, this was really substantial. It’s not like one of these pathetic spaghetti sauces where you don’t feel like you’ve eaten anything.

Kirstin: I had one problem with this recipe, and that was that he didn’t tell you to chop the mushrooms. I assumed you had to. You can’t eat whole mushrooms with spaghetti. Could you taste the fennel?

Tom: Yes. I didn’t realise that was what it was, but it was rather good.

Kirstin: Do you know what would have been really good as well? A little bit of chilli.

Tom: Ooh, yes! Next time! And I suspect there will be a next time. There was no cream in this, either, so it wasn’t too rich. I can see us making this on holiday.

Kirstin: It was lovely and quick. With all these end-of-term concerts and plays and shows going on at the moment, these quick pasta recipes are just what we need.

Tom: Right — let’s see how your macro food photos came out.

Kirstin: I need more practice, I suspect. What a shame! Sam will be pleased though. She loves a bit of macro; I can just see her grinning as she reads this!

Tom: I’ll help with eating the food.

“Spaghetti with mushrooms and fennel seeds” from “Good Things to Eat”