“Meatloaf” and “Heavenly Potatoes” from “Feast”

Maureen (looking at Andrew’s plate): You must have liked the meatloaf!

Andrew (12): Yes, it was nice. Please can I have some more?

Nicholas (8): Me too, please. Have you ever made this before?

Maureen: No.

Tim: I think it’s much nicer than the meatloaf that you usually make.

Maureen: The one I usually make is much more plain, with the only exotic thing about it the mixture of beef and pork mince. In this version, I like the egg in the middle, and I wasn’t sure about that initially. Also, in this version, you get pork by whizzing up streaky bacon, which is very clever.

Maureen: What do you think of the potatoes (pictured above, right)?

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“Meatloaf” and “Heavenly Potatoes” from “Feast”

“Blueberry and Sour Cream Loaf” from “The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days”

Anna: I wanted to bake this, because the recipe reminded me of Bill’s Blueberry Teacake which we make quite often. And it looked nice and easy, unlike a lot of the recipes in this book.

Peter: Why was the bowl in the garden?

Anna: I forgot to take the butter out of the fridge to soften, as usual, and it was a sunny day. I thought it would help speed things up a bit.

Peter: Max liked the batter….

Anna: Who doesn’t? He’s a cat with good taste.

Peter: I like this. Strong crust, open texture. Some of the blueberries sunk to the bottom but that’s ok. You still get the same amount of blueberries in a slice.

Anna: Do you think this will last you all week?

Peter: Well, I did have two slices today so um, well, um. Probably not.

Anna: There’s something about the words blueberries and sour cream together, in a recipe title, that is irresistible to me. Do you remember that other blueberry cake of Bill’s from his Sydney book that I made in Australia? That had sour cream in it too.

Peter: You can make this again.

Anna: Well it was easy enough. So you may be in luck.

“Blueberry and Sour Cream Loaf” from “The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days”

“Quesadillas” from “Plenty”

Anna: We decided to try this as both of us do Bill’s quesadillas as a weeknight staple. Don’t we Kirstin?

Kirstin: Yes, we do.

Anna: So, it’s a Thursday night Quesadilla-off!  Though technically we’re only making the Ottolenghi recipe.  It’s been a bit of a faff to make, it’s fair to say.

Kirstin: Yep, Bill wins for simplicity.  Easily.  But his salsa is crap. We sound like we compare everything to Bill.

Anna: That’s because we always cook from Bill’s books, so we inevitably compare.  It’s just the way it is.  I love the black bean paste, that’s an improvement on my usual quesadilla formula, though again it involves faff like having to wash up a blender.  Not something I’d do if I was cooking on my own on a weeknight.

Kirstin: We shouldn’t judge everything like that.

Anna: But we have to, because you’re not going to cook a quesadilla on Saturday are you?

Kirstin: You were very worried about the sour cream and avocado being warm.  It was really good.  But, I resent having to use a knife and fork to eat it.  A quesadilla quite frankly should be eaten with fingers, and there was all this drippy slop going all over the place.

Anna: I agree.  The sour cream and avocado should go on the side, not be cooked with the dish.  I say, let’s try the black bean paste and cheese, and then put the sour cream and salsa on the side for the next round.

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“Quesadillas” from “Plenty”

“Arctic Char Parcels” from “Jamie does…”

Having done lots of Greek recipes, we wanted to cook something else from this book that was appropriate for a weeknight, preferably with fish. But we couldn’t get arctic char, so we had to use salmon instead.

Kirstin: This one looked relatively easy, and I’m always tired after work on Wednesdays, so it has to be something straightforward. And it’s all in a bag, like old-style Jamie. Everything is in the bag: the carbs, the veggies and the protein.

Anna: The Scandiwegian thing was not why we chose it, but it has a secondary benefit for Kirstin.

Kirstin: I’m curious, I’m interested in Scandiwegian food. It’s the new thing. Mediterranean was in, then the Atkins diet, now this. There’s lots of weird breads, which I’m not particularly interested in. But Moomins would eat it. Continue reading ““Arctic Char Parcels” from “Jamie does…””

“Arctic Char Parcels” from “Jamie does…”