“Soothing North Indian Chicken” from “A Bird in the Hand”


Kirstin: I wanted to cook something soothing and lovely at the end of the weekend. And I thought this fitted the bill. What do you think peeps?

Ella: It was a curry?

Kirstin: I’m sorry it took so long to make.

Tom: It smelled amazing as it cooked.

Ella: It smelled amazing, but just tasted like normal chicken. What was different about it?

Tom: Ah, that’s because I kept all of the sauce off your portion so you wouldn’t object to it.

Kirstin: I was just about to ask Miles what he thought about the recipe when I see that he’s stuffed the biggest amount of rice into his mouth that he can fit in.

Ella: I don’t know why he thinks that’s funny. It’s just gross and rude.

Kirstin: Miles, did you like the chicken? Maybe just nod or shake your head.

Miles: *nods head*

Kirstin: Oh good. You did like it!

“Soothing North Indian Chicken” from “A Bird in the Hand”