“Coconut and Raspberry Slice” from “The Primrose Bakery Book”

Anna: This is a real tea time thing to bake, the sort of cake you’d find on a fancy cake stand at Fortnum’s. As you were coming round specifically for tea it was only appropriate I baked this.

Anne: But you didn’t just bake this, you made cookies as well.

Anna: This is true. And you have also brought a variety of Waitrose’s finest baked goods. But teatime isn’t teatime without a bit of variety! Shall I prepare you a smorgasbord of high calorie delights?

Anne: Yes please. I did BMF this morning, so I think I’ve worked off enough calories to compensate.

Anna: Can’t say that I have, but I did bake these slices and the cookies which expended a degree of energy. What do you think?

Anne: Delicious! The coconut stuff is super sweet but it’s offset nicely by the tart raspberry. They are a bit mushy though.

Anna: I know! They were a bit of a nightmare to get out of the tin, let alone slice. In fact ‘slice’ is a rather ambitious name for these. It’s the raspberries in them. I knew it would make them go mushy and so they did. I’m not sure quite how to get round that, given they are raspberry slices.

Anne: They are still delicious.

Anna: Yes, but not very beautiful. I don’t think  I can be bothered with making them again because of this. I will stick to my faithful cookies and brownies for now.

“Coconut and Raspberry Slice” from “The Primrose Bakery Book”