“Chicken with Tomatoes & Peppers” and “Cannellini Beans with Rosemary” from “Nigellissima”

Anna: This is brilliant!

Peter: Why do you say that?

Anna: It was super-quick, really easy and tastes delicious!

Peter: It’s very nice, I agree. The chicken tastes quite sweet, in a good way.

Anna: That will be the Marsala. I made this earlier in the day and let it sit, which is no bad thing with chicken thighs, and then prepared the cannellini beans at the last minute.

Peter: The beans go really well with the chicken.

Anna: It’s the rosemary that compliments the chicken so well. Do you know what the best thing about this is?

Peter: I think you’re going to tell me.

Anna: I added some couscous to the leftovers and gave it to Louis for lunch today and he wolfed it down! There’s more in the freezer for him too. Thank you Nigella.

“Chicken with Tomatoes & Peppers” and “Cannellini Beans with Rosemary” from “Nigellissima”

“Italian Traybake” from “Nigellissima”

If you want to try this yourself, click through on this sentence for a copy of the recipe from the Daily Mail.

Maureen: What did everyone think?

Andrew (13): It was OK.

Nicholas: I think it was one of the best things I’ve ever had!

Tim: What did you like about it?

Nicholas: I liked the chicken, and the potatoes and the broccoli.

Tim: The broccoli was on the side and doesn’t really count for these purposes, but OK. You didn’t like the sausages?

Nicholas: No. They were tough.

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“Italian Traybake” from “Nigellissima”

“White Bean Soup” from “Easy”

Peter: Oh look. Another meal with cannellini beans. Have we turned vegan?

Anna: That’s what comes of a chapter entitled ‘Tin of Beans”.

Peter: It’s certainly filling. And it seems like it could be a sensible store-cupboard soup. Can it be rustled up quickly?

Anna: Yes, it was pretty quick. It tastes a bit meh to me though. What it’s crying out for is some chilli, or pancetta, or both. But it does what it says on the tin. It’s a white bean soup!

“White Bean Soup” from “Easy”

“Sausages with Mushrooms” from “The Family Meal”

Tim: Yum!

Andrew (12): This smells great.

Maureen: This is really good, but it’s got to have one of the least inspiring names for a dinner. Sausages with mushrooms? While it is accurate, it’s hardly the sort of name that’s going to get you inspired to get the pans out.

Nicholas (8): I like the name I came up with: Sausage meatballs!

Maureen: Yes, that’s a much better name.

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“Sausages with Mushrooms” from “The Family Meal”

“Tagliata with Rosemary and Garlic Potatoes” from “Feast”

Thanks to our friends at the Food Network, you can find the recipe for these dishes here on their website.

Andrew (12): This is very nice.

Maureen: Yes, but we have this all the time, though. We love having this on the grill in the summer. We love having it on the grill pan the rest of the year. We love this dish, full stop.

Nicholas: Yes, this is good.

Maureen: Have you actually eaten the meat?

Nicholas: Yes!

Maureen: Wow. Is that because you’ve had it before and you know you like it?

Nicholas: Yes.

Tom (age undisclosed, but he gets a Senior Discount at the cinema): The meat is very good. Did you marinate it?

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“Tagliata with Rosemary and Garlic Potatoes” from “Feast”

“Cauliflower Cheese Soup” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

Andrew (12): This smells like Thanksgiving dinner.

Maureen: You’re right. It does. It must be the sage, the thyme and the rosemary. There’s lots of that on Thanksgiving.

Andrew (surprised): Hey! Not bad! It smells like Thanksgiving dinner and it tastes like Thanksgiving dinner.

Maureen: What do you think, Tim?

Tim: I like it.

Maureen: What do you like about it?

Tim: I like that it tastes like Thanksgiving dinner.

Maureen: You are not allowed to steal Andrew’s best lines.

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“Cauliflower Cheese Soup” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

“Lamb provencal with Five Herbs” from “Easy”

Anna: I am so glad this meal is over. I couldn’t be bothered to even eat it. But I think I lost weight preparing it.

Kirstin: It took an hour an a half to chop and fry all those vegetables.

Anna: And that was with two people doing it! Think how long it would have taken one of us on our own. I don’t think it was very Provencale, either.

Kirstin: There’s no coriander in Provencale food.

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“Lamb provencal with Five Herbs” from “Easy”