“Superclean Chicken and Quinoa” from “Happy Salads”

IMG_9306First, a caveat. I did not follow this recipe to the letter. Just now, this proved to be problematic for me as I looked through “Happy Salads” to find it, and kept looking at the accompanying photo and thought, “Nope. I didn’t make that.” But after paging past the photo and recipe multiple times, I finally read the ingredients list and figured out that I HAD made this one, I just didn’t sprinkle pomegranate over the top, which is why the photo kept throwing me off.

Although I appreciate it’s not a fair test if I don’t follow the recipe to the letter, I also knew that pomegranates were out of season (in the U.K., their peak season is in the winter), so if I didn’t want my fruit coming from the other side of the world just to sit atop my salad, I should skip it. So I did.

But as for the rest: yum. This was a terrific way to use up some roasted chicken we had left over from Sunday lunch. For years, I’ve made a version of this of my own design, but this benefitted greatly from the inclusion of sun dried tomatoes and peas as well as chopped parsley and mint.

(The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed above that I also added some edamame beans as well as the peas. I think Leon would approve.)

For what it’s worth, the leftovers also didn’t hang around long: only one day. This surely is an indicator of the quality of the salad.

Five out of five. Would eat again.

Alas, this recipe is not available online. But if you’re near a Leon branch (in London and elsewhere), you can eat it off the menu there. It’s very good. 

“Superclean Chicken and Quinoa” from “Happy Salads”