“Sharwarma Chicken with Warm Chickpea Puree and Sumac Onions” from “A Change of Appetite”

Anna: Well this is a perfect prepare-ahead meal. It was all ready for you boys to cook while I went for my long run this evening.

Peter: We didn’t need to start cooking it until you were back and in the shower to be honest.

Ian: I think you will find the chicken ‘gorgeously singed’ but tender within.

Anna: Indeed. It’s very nice indeed. I have fond memories of sharwarma chicken. It was the only thing I could eat when I had morning sickness during my first pregnancy. I used to get it in a wrap for lunch. A couple of times a week.

Peter: Yes it’s very good. Everything is very colourful on the plate.

Anna: The puree has split a bit though. We probably reheated it a little too vigorously.

Ian: I take responsibility for that.

Anna: I’ll definitely be making this again!



“Sharwarma Chicken with Warm Chickpea Puree and Sumac Onions” from “A Change of Appetite”

“Botham Burger” from “The Return of the Naked Chef”

Andrew (12): Nom, nom, nom.

Maureen: That’s your new favourite saying, isn’t it?

Andrew: It’s a great word to use when you’re eating something good.

Maureen: Like this?

Andrew: Like this. These are really good burgers.

Nicholas (8): Yes, I think so too.

Maureen: I liked them because they were easy. I could get them all made, with Nicholas helping, in no time at all. I also liked them better than “The Family Meal” burgers because it had more interesting spices added, whereas the other ones were just mince.

Andrew: Were the crisps part of the recipe?

Maureen: Unlike in The Family Meal, no. I just added them in because I knew you would like them.

Nicholas: We do like them, thanks.

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“Botham Burger” from “The Return of the Naked Chef”

“Maple black pepper pork chops” from “Easy Meals”

Peter: “Easy Meals”? “Difficult washing up”! I think she’s used every pan in the kitchen.

Anna: No, no, no, no. Hang on. The sweet potato mash and cavolo nero were not part of Rachel o’Rachel’s recipe. Wasn’t there just one pan for the pork?

Peter: Yes, you cooked the pork and then made the sauce and added the chops back in again.

Anna: So really, if we hadn’t had side dishes, this was a one-pan meal.

Peter: I guess, but you’re not going to eat a pork chop on its own.

Anna: Still, we created the volume of washing up, not Rachel’s recipe. Now then, enough about dirty pots and pans, what did you think of the pork chops?

Peter: It was a good chop, you could tell they were from Drings by their size. This was a way you wouldn’t normally do a pork chop. I was brought up on them covered in stuffing.

Anna: ?! I thought this was delicious. Perfect for a Sunday night alternative to a roast.

Peter: You do like a bit of pork, don’t you?

Anna: Indeed. Was it easy to cook?

Peter: It was very straightforward. If only you’d let me chop an onion…..

“Maple black pepper pork chops” from “Easy Meals”

“Seared beef salad” from “Easy Meals”

Anna: This is delicious! What a lovely salad!

Peter: Yes it’s nice, even for winter. It felt like a meal rather than a big starter.

Anna: It is substantial, yes. We had more steak than the recipe calls for. And a bit more cheese too. Piggies that we are.  I also put the onions back in the oven after I added the balsamic to them which made them lovely and caramalised. Would you like this again?

Peter: Yes. I would say you have to choose your steak carefully though. Only the best quality will do as it is the hero of the dish.

Anna: So a salad to have when you want a special treat that isn’t too heavy. This is your recipe. Yum.

“Seared beef salad” from “Easy Meals”

“Superb Pork Loin” with “King of Mash: Irish Champ” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

Maureen: Tonight we are having roast pork and Irish champ, which is just another version of mashed potatoes.

Nicholas (8): You mean strange mashed potatoes.

Maureen: They’re not strange! I think they’re delicious.

Andrew (12): The roast pork is nice. It tastes like sausages.

Maureen: Well, it should, since sausages are made out of pork.

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“Superb Pork Loin” with “King of Mash: Irish Champ” from “Jamie’s Great Britain”

“Pad Thai” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”

Peter: Bloody hell! I’m full! Were we making that for all of Bangkok?!

Anna: You like a good noodle, I’m surprised you’re complaining……

Peter: I do love a good noodle, but as the commentator on German Eurosport says: ‘this is EXTREME’.

Anna: I see. There certainly is a lot to go round.  I’m just pleased that we’re finally getting to eat Pad Thai together. Usually I can’t order it at a restaurant or takeaway because it has peanuts in it. Do you remember the grief you gave me at that takeway in Sydney when I ordered it? You’d had a few pints that night, and you were quite vocal in your disgust at my order!

Peter: A) they were schooners, not pints. And b) you know I don’t like peanuts so you just ordered it to annoy me.

Anna: Well this recipe only had the peanuts as a garnish so you were able to eat it.  Did you notice it was vegetarian?

Peter: Yes. It wasn’t like a proper Pad Thai. It was more like a Pie Thai. It was so dense. I thought it would be lighter.

Anna: To be fair, it was light it’s just there was a lot of it.

Peter: You know me, I’ll never walk away from a noodle.

“Pad Thai” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”

“Beef Salad with Red Onions and Balsamic Vinegar” from “Easy”

Julia: Visually, it’s… (pause for serious consideration for the right adjective) appealing. The flavours are really super.

Tom: I thought it was very tasty with a good mix of flavours.

Julia: What’s it called?

Maureen: Beef salad with red onions and balsamic vinegar.

Julia: It should have a fancier name than that!

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“Beef Salad with Red Onions and Balsamic Vinegar” from “Easy”