“Sticky Toffee Pudding” from “Bread Street Kitchen”


Kirstin: I made this for Guy Fawkes Night, England’s annual celebration of the Houses of Parliament not being blown up. I’ve never made sticky toffee pudding, but I knew that it would have some fans as Ella always orders it off a menu. This version has added dates which add a particularly lovely sticky and deep texture. And even though I vowed I wouldn’t try any after seeing the quantity of sugar that went into the sauce, it smelled so lovely I couldn’t resist trying a piece. It was divine. Would I make it again? Heck yes! My family have already requested it!

“Sticky Toffee Pudding” from “Bread Street Kitchen”

“My Favourite Citrus Cake” from “Stirring Slowly”


Tom: Well, this is epic! It’s moist, but it’s sort of crystalline and crunchy, too. Yum.

Kirstin: That’ll be the golden caster sugar. Let’s not talk about the amount of sugar in this recipe though.

Tom: Is that you not talking about it?

Kirstin: …

Tom: Ah, yes. It is. Well, this is great. Would anyone like to split another slice with me?

Kirstin: …

Tom: Damn.

Kirstin: So should I take the rest of this into work then?

Tom: NO!

“My Favourite Citrus Cake” from “Stirring Slowly”

“Lamb Kofta Tagine”, “Golden Couscous” and “Butterscotch Apple Pudding” from “Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen”

Louis: Aunty Woffy meatballs! Louis eat meatballs with Aunty Woffy!

Kate: I’m flattered to be associated with meatballs.

Anna: Kofta actually. But he knows meatballs, so that’s what I’ve told him they are. I’ll be interested to see if he eats them.

Peter: This is nice.

Anna: How many meatballs would you like Louis?

Louis: Two.

Anna: How much couscous?

Louis: No. No couscous.

Kate: Well I like it. In fact I’ll have a few more meatballs.

Anna: The pudding is a bit of a failure I’m afraid.

Peter: It tastes fine.

Anna: But there’s no sponge to speak of. It’s a sweet soggy mess. I think the cooking apples gave off too much moisture. It’s similar to Bill Granger’s banana butterscotch pudding recipe but doesn’t work as well. Oh well.

“Lamb Kofta Tagine”, “Golden Couscous” and “Butterscotch Apple Pudding” from “Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen”

“Apple Pudding” from “Best Menus”

Before leaving for the dinner party…

Maureen: I’m making Apple Pudding tonight, but really, I would rather call it Apple Cake. I don’t have it in me to call it Pudding if it’s not pudding, you know what I mean?

Tim: I do. Pudding comes in a box with the name “Jello.”

Maureen: As the original recipe makes a very small cake, and I need to feed six adults and five boys, I’m increasing the quantity by one-and-a-half, so we get a bigger cake to feed everyone. But I also tripled the amount of apples used. The quantity seemed a little mean. So all in all, I would describe this as an Apple Cake that needed more apples, along with everything else. Also, there will be a lot of Americans at the party; we’re all about the big portions.

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“Apple Pudding” from “Best Menus”

“Chicken Parmigiana” and “Peach and Blueberry Pudding” from “Bill’s Basics”. With exploding conkers and a guest peach.

Kirstin: I have been at work all day and Anna has constructed this delicious meal. Which smells amazing.

Anna: Ha. Only I nearly ruined your microwave.

Tom: What happened?

Anna: I was melting the butter for the pudding, and it didn’t stay in the bowl.

Kirstin: Don’t worry. Ella was blowing up conkers in the microwave last week. It’s seen worse.

Anna: Mopping up 125g of melted butter coating the inside of the microwave set me back a bit. Where do you start?

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“Chicken Parmigiana” and “Peach and Blueberry Pudding” from “Bill’s Basics”. With exploding conkers and a guest peach.