“Triple Layer Caramel Cake” from “The Primrose Bakery Cookbook”

Kirstin: The cake looks amazing Anna!

Anna: I’m glad you think so… it feels like it’s been a nightmare to cook.

Kirstin: But it looks AMAZING!

Ella: I can’t wait to try it.

Anna: Thank you Ella. I hope it tastes good after all that…..

Kirstin: Why was it so difficult?

Anna: Maybe I’m not a natural baker. But it didn’t help that the recipe for this cake is actually on 3 different pages of the book. In fact there is no recipe on the actual recipe page. The sponge is the same as the Cookies and Cream Cupcakes, and the icing is on the next page. So you spend a lot of time flicking back and forth, which is a tad time-consuming.

Kirstin: So if the sponge was the same as the cupcakes, did you have the same issues as Maureen?

Anna: She was not lying when she said that she used every bowl in the kitchen. This isn’t a quick cake to rustle up.

Kirstin: I can see that.

Anna: But this is Peter’s late birthday cake…..

Peter: …. With no candles…….

Anna: So we should eat it! Actually, this tastes delicious.

Kirstin: You sound suprised! The sponge is really moist. I could have taken more icing actually.

Anna: I would have put more on if it had been easier to ice. It set super quickly so I had to keep reheating it in the microwave in order to get the whole cake iced. I had to smoodge it a bit on top too. It’s supposed to be runny and ‘cascade’ over the cake so I obviously got that wrong.

Tom: It’s yum!

Anna: I’m just amazed at how lovely the sponge is! After all that work, this is truly lovely. And thank you for my flowers Kirstin!

“Triple Layer Caramel Cake” from “The Primrose Bakery Cookbook”

Field Trip to the Primrose Hill Bakery

Kirstin: I always feel as if I am on holiday when I come to Primrose Hill.

Anna: I remember the days when you used to live here, Kirstin.

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Field Trip to the Primrose Hill Bakery