“Prawn Linguine” from “Jamie’s Comfort Food”

IMG_5865Maureen: Fish Friday!

Tim: Actually, if we’re going to be technical, this would be Shellfish Friday.

Maureen: Whatever. What do you think?

Andrew (15): Yum.

Nicholas (11): It’s good.

Maureen: I like it, but it was pretty labour intensive.

Tim: In what way?

Maureen: It took a fair amount of time to peel the prawns, behead them and take out the veins. Maybe it’s just because I’m not so efficient at the job, but regardless, it took awhile.

Tim: How did you get the sauce so creamy?

Maureen: Do you really want to know? It might gross you out.

Tim: Yes.

Maureen: Before I explain this to you, I have to tell you that I double-checked with Julian the Fishmonger that this method was the way to do it, and he said, yes, absolutely. So what you do is you take all of the prawn heads and the shells and put them all in the pot with onion and tomatoes and the other stuff. Then you cook it down. Once it’s finished, you then whizz up the suace– heads, eyes, shells and all. But they you strain it to get out anny of the nasty bits, like the eyes that were floating around.

Nicholas: You mean we could have had an eye by accident?

Maureen: Possibly, but all the eyes I saw got strained out. So you don’t need to worry.

Andrew: I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to eat an eye.

Maureen: I’m with you on that, for sure.

Tim: Maybe next time get peeled prawns?

Maureen: But then we wouldn’t have the creamy tomato sauce that goes with it. I think it’s good, and it’s probably worth the effort, but it’s a tough dish to pull off on a weeknight, given that it took more than an hour to make.


“Prawn Linguine” from “Jamie’s Comfort Food”