“Baked porridge” from “Bill’s Basics”

Anna: We can’t review a Bill Granger cookbook and not try a breakfast recipe.  This is the man who apparently reinvented scrambled eggs after all.  And having brunched in his Darlinghurst restaurant more than a couple of times I’d say he’s pretty good at breakfast!

Peter: Mmm.  Huge plates of eggs and delicious flat whites…..

Anna: But we’re not in Sydney now.  It’s cold and autumn has definitely arrived.  Which is why I thought Baked porridge would be nice.  Warm us up from the inside out.  You’re sick though.

Peter: (meekly) Yes.

Anna: Did this make you feel better?

Peter: No.  I wouldn’t say so.  But it was very nice.  Quite comforting.  It tasted of autumn.

Anna: I’m not a porridge fan to be honest, but I really really liked this.  It was a low GI cinnamon roll!  Brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, pecans, chopped dried figs and oats baked up til bubbly brown and smelling gorgeous.  Yum, yum, yum.

Peter: Was it as simple to make as normal porridge?

Anna: Dead easy.  It needs to bake for an hour though, so it’s not a last-minute dish.  When I tried the first spoonful I thought I might end up eating the whole lot, but luckily the oats kicked in and I got full pretty quickly.  This is a perfect decadent but healthy(ish) brunch dish to warm the soul.

“Baked porridge” from “Bill’s Basics”