“Pork Chops with Cider, Horseradish and Dill” from “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook”

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Andrew (13): Yeah! Mashed potatoes!

Maureen: Autumn must be here if we’re back to having mashed potatoes.

Nicholas (10): So what are we having?

Maureen: Pork chops with cider… and some other stuff.

Tim: Maybe a more specific description is in order.

Maureen: Well, I didn’t mention the dill, since you don’t like it, but it’s pretty obvious since it’s sitting on top of the pork chop.

Tim: Anything else?

Maureen: Oh. And horseradish. I didn’t think I’d be able to find one, but sure enough, Creaky Shed came to my rescue. This is certainly a root vegetable I wouldn’t find at any of the local supermarkets. The only problem is I only needed two tablespoons of grated horseradish, but the horseradish I got would last us into the next decade at that rate. Do you like it?

Tim: Yes, it’s nice.

Andrew and Nicholas: Yes, it’s good.

Maureen: Would you like me to make it again?

Tim: Why not? It’s pretty good, and it seems like a good thing to eat as we move into autumn.

Maureen: I’ll be happy to do that, given that I’ve got plenty of horseradish to make it with.



“Pork Chops with Cider, Horseradish and Dill” from “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook”

“Maple black pepper pork chops” from “Easy Meals”

Peter: “Easy Meals”? “Difficult washing up”! I think she’s used every pan in the kitchen.

Anna: No, no, no, no. Hang on. The sweet potato mash and cavolo nero were not part of Rachel o’Rachel’s recipe. Wasn’t there just one pan for the pork?

Peter: Yes, you cooked the pork and then made the sauce and added the chops back in again.

Anna: So really, if we hadn’t had side dishes, this was a one-pan meal.

Peter: I guess, but you’re not going to eat a pork chop on its own.

Anna: Still, we created the volume of washing up, not Rachel’s recipe. Now then, enough about dirty pots and pans, what did you think of the pork chops?

Peter: It was a good chop, you could tell they were from Drings by their size. This was a way you wouldn’t normally do a pork chop. I was brought up on them covered in stuffing.

Anna: ?! I thought this was delicious. Perfect for a Sunday night alternative to a roast.

Peter: You do like a bit of pork, don’t you?

Anna: Indeed. Was it easy to cook?

Peter: It was very straightforward. If only you’d let me chop an onion…..

“Maple black pepper pork chops” from “Easy Meals”

“Crunchy Pork Chops with Garlicky Spinach and Tomato Salad” from Feast

Tom: Ooo, this is just like tonkatsu. It IS tonkatsu.

Miles: Is this chicken? It’s just like the chicken I have at Wagamama.

Tom: Ah, but this is pork, Miles.

Kirstin: This was so easy to make, I would gladly make it again.

Tom: And it’s so yummy. I would love to eat it again.

Miles: Me too! It’s all crunchy.

Kirstin: It’s the first time I have deep fried anything in that pan and it worked really well. Not that I plan to make a habit of deep frying things. I spend rather a lot of time at work advising people on how they can reduce their cholesterol intake and deep frying is top of the list!

Tom: But once in a while, is OK, surely.

Kirstin: Of course! Another success from Nigella!

“Crunchy Pork Chops with Garlicky Spinach and Tomato Salad” from Feast

“A weekday supper of pork and pears” from “Tender Volume II”

Anna: Nigel has vindicated himself tonight with this recipe.  When I got home from work, the house smelled delicious!

Peter: I had been busy with pork and pears, which has got to be Cockney rhyming slang for something.

Anna: I was worried the pork chops would be all dried out, like the duck.  But these were lovely and moist.  And the combination of flavours with the pears was absolutely delicious.  Really morish.

Peter: We had thick pork chops so I thought they might need more time than he called for, which I did.  It was pretty straightforward to make. It’s certainly a weekday supper.

Anna: And you cooked it to perfection.  I should let you cook more often.

Peter: You might have to if you keep coming home from work this late.  I’m not liking this Nigel diet though.  The portions are too small and there’s no carbs.  It doesn’t really feel like a meal.

Anna: It was just the right amount for me but I know what you mean. We’ll have to bulk it out a bit for you next time.  I’m very happy you were successful with this though.  I loved it, and I know I can safely leave you in the kitchen to russle it up.  Happy days.

“A weekday supper of pork and pears” from “Tender Volume II”