“Sharwarma Chicken with Warm Chickpea Puree and Sumac Onions” from “A Change of Appetite”

Anna: Well this is a perfect prepare-ahead meal. It was all ready for you boys to cook while I went for my long run this evening.

Peter: We didn’t need to start cooking it until you were back and in the shower to be honest.

Ian: I think you will find the chicken ‘gorgeously singed’ but tender within.

Anna: Indeed. It’s very nice indeed. I have fond memories of sharwarma chicken. It was the only thing I could eat when I had morning sickness during my first pregnancy. I used to get it in a wrap for lunch. A couple of times a week.

Peter: Yes it’s very good. Everything is very colourful on the plate.

Anna: The puree has split a bit though. We probably reheated it a little too vigorously.

Ian: I take responsibility for that.

Anna: I’ll definitely be making this again!



“Sharwarma Chicken with Warm Chickpea Puree and Sumac Onions” from “A Change of Appetite”

“Chicken with Yogurt and Pomegranates” from “A Change of Appetite”

CBAMChixThis is delicious,  though my family (see below) found the pomegranates suspect. If you’d like to make it yourself, click on this sentence to find the original recipe from the Telegraph.

Maureen: What do you think?

Andrew: It’s good.

Tim: But I’m not so sure that the pomegranates are necessary.

Maureen: I agree, but I wish I had known that before Nicholas and I had a good old fashioned hunt for those pomegranates. They didn’t have them at the Creaky Shed, as they are nearly out of season. They didn’t have them at the Co-op or the Sainsbury’s. In the end, you’re not going to believe where we sourced them.

Tim: Where?

Maureen: Tell them, Nicholas.

Nicholas: At the M&S food stop at the petrol station. I didn’t think they would have them, but Mom said to just give it a try, since we were walking by. I couldn’t believe that they had them.

Maureen: That’s right. A petrol station was the source of our fruit tonight. Nice one. But as I always say, “Whatever works.” I like pomegranates. Why don’t you?

Tim: The texture seems weird to me.

Nicholas: I’m not sure we should be having fruit with chicken.

Maureen: You sound like Kirstin. She would totally agree with you. I don’t mind the pomegranates, but I would eat them anytime, anywhere, so I don’t think I’m the person to ask. I would make this again, though with everything else.

Tim: Yes, everything else is nice. I would eat this again.

Andrew: So would I.

Nicholas: Me too.

“Chicken with Yogurt and Pomegranates” from “A Change of Appetite”