“Basic Pizza Dough” from “Bill’s Italian Food”

Peter: I should have stuck to Bill’s recipe and only used the strong white bread flour rather than combining it with the ’00’ I’m trying to use up.

Anna: It all went a bit wrong didn’t it?

Peter: It just got too sticky. Which is why I should have followed the recipe. This one, in contrast to other recipes, uses honey to feed the yeast rather than sugar. Could you taste it in the dough, Wife?

Anna: I could actually. It was definitely sweeter than normal. I’m not sure if I’m that keen.

Peter: The quantities are a bit dubious. There’s not as much flour as there usually is. It’s supposed to be a recipe for four but we only got 3 pizzas out of it.

Anna: So will you use this recipe again?

Peter: I’ll give it a go with the right flour. But the recipe from Jamie’s Italy still gets my vote for now.

“Basic Pizza Dough” from “Bill’s Italian Food”