“Smoked Haddock Pie” from “Rachels’s Everyday Kitchen”

Peter: No photos.

Anna: Nope. I’m afraid there are no photos for a while. Trying to cook and serve a meal with an impatient toddler doesn’t lend itself to photography.

Peter: This looks like a fish pie. Pie. Yum.

Louis: Nana’s fish casserole!!

Anna: Yes, we’ve had this before. Nana made it last time. You love it don’t you Louis?

Peter: Bacon and smoked haddock make a pretty good combination.

Anna: It’s the saltiness that makes it so nice. As with all fish pies I used virtually every pan in the kitchen to make it, but I can get past that. We’ve fed four adults and have about 6 portions leftover for Louis. I will make this again!

“Smoked Haddock Pie” from “Rachels’s Everyday Kitchen”