“All-in-one Basil Cod with Potatoes and Green Lentils” from “Flavour: Eat What You Love”

Fish Friday!

This dish reminds me so much of a great Nigella Lawson dish. She loves a tray bake, and I have to agree. You bung everything together in a tray, bake it for the prescribed amount of time, and then eat. It’s the perfect weeknight dish for when you want something delicious, but nothing something that’s going to use three bowls, two pots and multiple spoons.

I always knew there was a risk in making this for the teenagers, because they are not fans of lentils, whereas the adults in the family are. In any case, they found a workaround: they ate the fish and the potatoes (happily, as it happens) and ate around the lentils. Problem solved. The adults loved everything.

Highly recommended, both for the ease of making it and the delicious taste. I would definitely make this again.

“All-in-one Basil Cod with Potatoes and Green Lentils” from “Flavour: Eat What You Love”

“Sausage and wild garlic Linguine” from “Stirring Slowly”


Kirstin: Oh this is so very yum!

Ella: I like this too. Even the bits with visible bits of broccoli.

Kirstin: That’s not broccoli! Really?!? That’s pesto with spinach, you noodle! Tom, you’re doing that thing again where you just eat!

Tom: It’s delicious! Is it from the new book.

Kirstin: It is! Would you like some more pecorino?

Miles: Can I finish off the pecorino?

Ella: Miles, you have parmesan to finish it all!

Kirstin: REALLY?!? That joke’s a bit cheesey.

Tom: I hope you’re making this again.

Kirstin: Totally. I’ll get Italian sausages next time. For sure. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

“Sausage and wild garlic Linguine” from “Stirring Slowly”

“Tom’s Red Pesto Surprise” from “Leon 2”

Maureen: Tonight we’ve got pasta with peas and bacon. Not to mention some red pesto and onions. Bon appetit!

Nicholas (7): A quick reminder? I don’t like bacon.

Maureen: But you like ham, and it’s pretty much the same thing.

Nicholas: NO. I’m a vegetarian, remember?

Andrew (11): Except when it comes to hot dogs and chicken parmigiana.

Nicholas: Don’t write that down! Don’t write that down!

Nicholas: Remember that time in the restaurant in Bologna that had the funny picture and they were looking for the artist?

Maureen: That was a picture of a pig eating some of their yummy food. Wow. That was some good eating. Let’s get back to the issue at hand. How do you like this?

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“Tom’s Red Pesto Surprise” from “Leon 2”