“Meatballs with Orzo” from “At My Table”

I was very much looking forward to cooking this recipe, as Nigella created a similar dish in “Nigellissima” that is eaten by this family so often that it’s practically in our food canon.

“Fake Risotto” (see the original post here and see the follow up post here) is so beloved that I’ve already taught 18-year-old Andrew how to make it so when he’s at university next year, he’ll be able to make it for himself.

Alas, this recipe had big shoes– or should that be bowls?– to follow, and it didn’t quite fill them.

To be sure, it was delicious. However, given that you make the meatballs and then poach them in the tomato sauce before finally adding the orzo, it takes more than an hour from start to finish. If I wanted to do something that labour intensive, I’d just make our very favourite meatballs and tomato sauce from Polpo.

It was good, I just won’t be making it again. I’ll either make the original fake risotto if I only have 15 minutes, or Polpo’s meatballs and tomato sauce if I’ve got more than an hour.

“Meatballs with Orzo” from “At My Table”

“Pasta Risotto with Peas & Pancetta” from “Nigellissma”

Maureen (looking at Andrew’s empty bowl): Wow. You really hoovered that.

Andrew (13): I did. I like it! Is it from this month’s cookbook?

Maureen: Yes. Another Nigella offering.

Andrew: I really liked it. Please make it again.

Nicholas (9): Same! I liked it.

Maureen: I think I know why you like this so much. It’s just like the pasta that Kirstin used to always make, with pancetta and peas. The only difference is the pasta shape.

Andrew: Hey, you’re right. It is!

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“Pasta Risotto with Peas & Pancetta” from “Nigellissma”