“Courgette Omelette with Pinenuts, Herbs and Sumac” from “The Moro Cookbook”

IMG_6254Maureen: Meat Free Monday and its triumphant return.

Tim: We had a few weeks off, didn’t we.

Maureen: A few, but that was really down to it being Christmas and the endless parade of guests we had in December.

Tim: So what’s this? It smells good.

Maureen: It’s a courgette omelette.

Tim: It smells good.

Maureen: I think the lovely Ottolenghi has a lot to answer for. This book is old– it was first published 14 years ago– but when you read through it now, they give loads of explanations for ingredients that now are commonplace, which I think is mostly down to Ottolenghi.

Tim: Like what?

Maureen: Sumac is a perfect example. We have a full supply of sumac on our spice shelf, thanks to Ottolenghi. But in this book, they feel compelled to provide an entire paragraph and illustration about it. Do you like it, though?

Tim: I do.

Maureen: Me too. I will make this again.

“Courgette Omelette with Pinenuts, Herbs and Sumac” from “The Moro Cookbook”

“Spanish Omelette (tortilla)” from “River Cottage Family Cookbook”

Kirstin: I do like omelettes.

Tom: I’m not usually a huge fan. But I like the look of this. And you flipped it so beautifully.

Kirstin: That’s because I used my frittata flipper, which Christiana gave me!

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“Spanish Omelette (tortilla)” from “River Cottage Family Cookbook”