“Bo Bun Salad” from “It’s All Easy”


Tom: This is yum! This is like being at Slanted Door.

Kirstin: Ah. So we had Zuni and now Slanted Door.

Tom: All my favourite restaurants in San Francisco.

Kirstin: You know I’ve never been to Slanted Door, but you always tell me about it. One day!

Tom: Well I like going there on a Thursday lunch time and having a cheeky lunch.

Kirstin: But without me!

Tom: Well I wish you were there! And this is yum!

Kirstin: It has all the Vietnamese feels, doesn’t it?

Tom: It’s the fried shallots…

Kirstin: Yes, I’m going to smell of fried shallots all day now. Oooops. Also I couldn’t find palm sugar, sorry Gwyneth. And I still don’t have a spiralizer, so I bought the courgette ready spiralized. And the Armenian cucumber. I have no idea what that was all about. So a bit of a faff, but worth every second.

Tom: This is epic! My favourite lunch for a very long time.

Kirstin: I think we need to go to Vietnam some time. It’s so delicious! Right, let’s going back to listening to The Police.

“Bo Bun Salad” from “It’s All Easy”

“Spicy Shrimp Ramen” from “It’s All Easy”


Ella: This needs to be spicier!

Kirstin: It has a jalepeno in it!

Ella: MORE!

Tom: The broth itself is quite thin.

Kirstin: I imagine the miso broth might be thicker, but these are never going to be as thick and tasty as those at Bone Daddy’s, or any of our other favourite ramen places in town. This broth is made of mushrooms.

Ella: It isn’t spicy enough!

Kirstin: How could I have made these spicier for you?

Ella: Basically, you could have made the prawns spicier…

Kirstin: Perfect hangover food. And it was the usual faff going to the local Asian supermarket where I didn’t recognise anything and it takes me ages to find what I’m looking for.

Ella: I like this because it doesn’t feel like it requires any effort to eat, but it also makes you feel full.

Kirstin: Shall I make it again?

Ella: With chillies!

Kirstin: Soup-er!

“Spicy Shrimp Ramen” from “It’s All Easy”

“Soba noodles, Salmon and Prawns” from Nigel Slater’s “Eat”.

Ella: Are these prawns? Because you know how much I love prawns!

Miles: I don’t like prawns.

Ella: I’ll have them!


Kirstin: Try one, Miles. You might be pleasantly surprised and it won’t kill you.

Ella: Don’t try one. Give them all to me!

Kirstin: The noodles were really hard to get hold of. I was in Chinatown and went to three different shops to try and find them. Admittedly it’s difficult to find anything in those shops because I don’t speak Chinese but still I thought it would be a good place to start. I ended up getting them in Sainsbury’s.

Ella: They are delicious. But this recipe would be better if it had more prawns.

Miles: I just ate my last prawn.

Kirstin: Did you like them? Good for you Miles! Thankfully I don’t know any fish jokes.

Ella: It could take a whale to think of one.

Miles: Are you shore about that?

Kirstin: Groan.

Tom: Oh Cod! These jokes are really getting out of hand. We used to just muck about and now they’re on a totally different scale.

Kirstin: OK. I am stopping the recording now. Because I can’t bear any more of these dreadful jokes.

“Soba noodles, Salmon and Prawns” from Nigel Slater’s “Eat”.

“Sticky Chicken Chinese Noodles” from “Save with Jamie”

Kirstin: Noodles, kids!

Miles: I love the noodles.

Ella: Me too!

Miles: But what is on the chicken? I don’t like it.

Kirstin: It’s Chinese five spice.

Ella: I don’t like it either.

Kirstin: And I’m pretty sure you won’t like the vegetables either. I don’t think I’ll be making this one again; it really is nothing special. I rather liked the smell of the Chinese five spice as I cooked it though. And I totally forgot to take any pictures. Apologies. I’m starting to think this book should be called Save the Jamie!

“Sticky Chicken Chinese Noodles” from “Save with Jamie”

“Asian Fish with Miso Noodles & Crunchy Veg” from “Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals”

Anna: God I’m stressed. This is not relaxed cooking.

Peter: There appears to be a lot of washing up. Again.

Anna: This just isn’t enjoyable and frankly is putting me off the food. It took me the best part of 10 minutes to get all the millions of ingredients together and get the bloody food processor out of the back of the cupboard.

Peter: It does actually taste nice, but I don’t think miso smells very good.

Anna: I forgot how annoying it is that there are no timing indications for how long the different components should cook. So the noodles, I’m afraid, are over-cooked. You’re right, they are nice, but I will never be cooking this again. I can’t cook with this many ingredients. My kitchen looks like a disaster area.

Peter: Well it took you 27 minutes.

Anna: Not exactly 15!

“Asian Fish with Miso Noodles & Crunchy Veg” from “Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals”

“Pad Thai” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”

Peter: Bloody hell! I’m full! Were we making that for all of Bangkok?!

Anna: You like a good noodle, I’m surprised you’re complaining……

Peter: I do love a good noodle, but as the commentator on German Eurosport says: ‘this is EXTREME’.

Anna: I see. There certainly is a lot to go round.  I’m just pleased that we’re finally getting to eat Pad Thai together. Usually I can’t order it at a restaurant or takeaway because it has peanuts in it. Do you remember the grief you gave me at that takeway in Sydney when I ordered it? You’d had a few pints that night, and you were quite vocal in your disgust at my order!

Peter: A) they were schooners, not pints. And b) you know I don’t like peanuts so you just ordered it to annoy me.

Anna: Well this recipe only had the peanuts as a garnish so you were able to eat it.  Did you notice it was vegetarian?

Peter: Yes. It wasn’t like a proper Pad Thai. It was more like a Pie Thai. It was so dense. I thought it would be lighter.

Anna: To be fair, it was light it’s just there was a lot of it.

Peter: You know me, I’ll never walk away from a noodle.

“Pad Thai” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”

“Salmon with Spicy Rice Noodles” from “A Taste of Home”

Anna: Where’s the broth?

Peter: There doesn’t really seem to be enough of anything in this recipe.  That said, when we you ate it it was reasonably filling.

Anna: It doesn’t look anything like the picture in the book. That suggests a big steaming bowl of salmon and noodles in broth. In reality the noodles were just a little moist.

Peter: I think she has special photographic bowl, like those pint glasses you can tip upside down even though they look like they are full.

Anna: You doubled this recipe anyway, didn’t you?

Peter: Yes, I made it for 4, even though it was just the two of us. Apart from the salmon of course.

Anna: You had to, otherwise we would only have had one baby sweetcorn each!

Peter: It was really easy to make though. No issues, no complications, only 3 paragraphs of instructions. I think you would agree that I didn’t screw this up.

Anna: I don’t always think that you screw recipes up. In fact, left to your own devices as you were tonight, you often get them spot on. In fact it was Angela who screwed this up, from an ingredient quantity point of view.

Peter: I think you could customise this recipe. For example, bean sprouts.

Anna: Yes, we’ll be making this again. Just with more broth. And veg.

“Salmon with Spicy Rice Noodles” from “A Taste of Home”