“Garlic-Roasted New Potato Salad” from “A Taste of Home”

Sorry, loyal readers. No dialogue for this one. It was Sunday lunch and I was just too lazy busy to write it up.

I made this as part of a Sunday barbeque. We had some tuna steaks for our main, a nice rocket salad on the side, some steamed green beans and this.

It was very nice but it was also very rich. I couldn’t understand, reading the method beforehand, how only 500 grams of new potatoes would be enough to feed between four and six people. But now I know. You can’t take a really big portion of this because if you did, it would be very overwhelming. Especially if you were a vampire.

But it’s a really nice way to do potato salad, and believe me, as an American, I know my potato salad. First you roast the new potatoes in olive oil, rosemary and garlic. Once they’re roasted and cooled down, you add in the mayonnaise, parsley and lemon juice. While I was preparing them, I couldn’t stop myself from eating them. I may just do the first step in the future to roast new potatoes.

But while I loved them, not everyone agreed. Tim liked them, but didn’t go back for seconds because he found them a bit overwhelming. Neither of the boys liked them, probably for the same reason.

I think I would make them again, but for a bigger crowd. That way, everyone could have a little, but not so much that they would become Walking Vampire Repellant.

“Garlic-Roasted New Potato Salad” from “A Taste of Home”