“Mackerel & Potato Stew” from “The Family Meal”

Maureen (looking over at the plate of Andrew, 12): Gold star for Andrew! He ate all the fish.

(Andrew puts his arms in the air, triumphantly.)

Tim: Did you like it, Andrew?

Andrew: Meh. I thought there were too many small irritating bones.

Where did our bodies go? Oh, wait, I know. Into the stew.

Maureen: That comment is fair enough. I agree.

Tim: Well, I like it.

Maureen: What do you like about it?

Tim: I like that it is good for me.

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“Mackerel & Potato Stew” from “The Family Meal”

“Chicken Open-Pot Roast” from “Easy Meals”

Want to make it yourself? Read the recipe here on the website lovefood.

Maureen: Yum. This is great. We got home late, I threw all these things in a pot, and now we have a delicious dinner.

Tim: I’m amazed at how quickly it all cooked.

Maureen: I know. It was all done in 30 minutes. Believe me when I say this was A LOT less stressful than any of those 30-Minute-Meals of Jamie Oliver’s. I really like it.

Tim: Me too.

Maureen: This is a perfect weeknight dinner.

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“Chicken Open-Pot Roast” from “Easy Meals”