“Mushroom Bourguignon” from “Food52 Genius Recipes”

IMG_6845Maureen: Meat Free Monday!

Nicholas (11): What are we having?

Maureen: Mushroom Bourguignon!

Nicholas: There’s only one problem.

Maureen: What is it?

Nicholas: I don’t like mushrooms.

Maureen: Well, that IS a problem. What do you think, Tim?

Tim: It’s delicious.

Maureen: I agree. As you know, beef bourguignon is on my Do Not Want To Eat list. But I would eat this. This is actually from the “Smitten Kitchen” cookbook, which we reviewed on this blog in September 2013. It’s nice to know that we picked some cookbooks that are worthy of the moniker, “Genius Recipes.”

Tim: The flavours are really rich, too. I’ll bet it was easy to make.

Maureen: I wouldn’t say easy. Like many vegetarian recipes, the most laborious part of the process is chopping all of the vegetables. This is no different.

Tim: I love the polenta, too.

Maureen: Although the book had a recipe for easy polenta, I used the nice instant Italian polenta that we got at Waitrose. The “easy” polenta took an hour and a half. Life is too short. This instant Italian stuff is great.


Tim: I’m not so sure about the onions, though.

Maureen: I think that’s a problem with sourcing. Since this is an American cookbook, I know you can get frozen pearl onions there. But they don’t exist over here. So I got pickled pearl onions, which seem OK to me, but maybe not to you. Would you like me to make it again?

Tim: Yes, please.

Nicholas: Obviously not.

Maureen: Maybe I’ll make it again just for the adults next time. This was a winner.

Celebrating Meat Free Monday or just love mushrooms and you’d like to make this for yourself? Click through this paragraph to find the recipe on Food52.

“Mushroom Bourguignon” from “Food52 Genius Recipes”