“Pan-Fried Tortilla Sandwich” from “Food”

Anna: I made this for my lunch the other day, as a treat. It was very very good, though perhaps a little indulgent. Indulgent was what I was looking for… it was one of those days. So this did the trick.

A quesadilla by any other name, the combination of avocado, spring onion, chilli and lots and lots of cheese was gorgeous. And usually I shy away from anything that involves warm avocado, but this worked. I kid myself that the avocado made it a little healthy but that is probably a bit of a stretch. What I would say is that it totally filled me up and I had that nice warm feeling you get when you’re eating something cheesey and yummy. I will definitely be having this again, when I can find a good enough excuse……



“Mexican Bean Tortilla” from “Feast”

Anna: I thought these would need cheese but they are lush just as they are. And I don’t use the word ‘lush’. Ever.

Peter: They were very different to the regular quesadilla we have. They are a bit like a soft-based pizza.

Anna: I would say these are like tostadas. But without the meat and the cheese. One was definitely enough for me… they are filling little buggers.

Peter: They were definitely more filling than they looked. I liked the combination of the lime juice and the salt. I think the beans could have been a bit cloying without the lime juice kick.

Anna: So would you be happy to have these again instead of our usual quesadillas?

Peter: Well these seem more like a proper meal. So yes, I would.

“Mexican Bean Tortilla” from “Feast”

“Beef Fajitas Harissa-style” from “Virgin to Veteran”

Anna: He’s done a nice little trick with these, marinating the beef in paprika and harissa before grilling gives it a lovely smokey flavour. Close your eyes and it could be coming off of one of those sizzling grills in a Mexican restaurant. Pass me a margarita.

Peter: Could you use any cut of beef for this dish?

Anna: He suggests rump but I suppose any sort of steak would be fine. Did you like the guacamole?

Peter: Yes.

Anna: It was different from my usual, unadulterated version. This had garlic and shallots and chilli in it.

Peter: The problem with this country is getting good avocados.

Anna: Tell me about it. I enjoyed this, but it’s a bit of work getting all the different bits together and I don’t know if I loved it enough to do it again.

Peter: I liked it. But I didn’t have to cook it.

“Beef Fajitas Harissa-style” from “Virgin to Veteran”

“Quesadillas” from “Plenty”

Anna: We decided to try this as both of us do Bill’s quesadillas as a weeknight staple. Don’t we Kirstin?

Kirstin: Yes, we do.

Anna: So, it’s a Thursday night Quesadilla-off!  Though technically we’re only making the Ottolenghi recipe.  It’s been a bit of a faff to make, it’s fair to say.

Kirstin: Yep, Bill wins for simplicity.  Easily.  But his salsa is crap. We sound like we compare everything to Bill.

Anna: That’s because we always cook from Bill’s books, so we inevitably compare.  It’s just the way it is.  I love the black bean paste, that’s an improvement on my usual quesadilla formula, though again it involves faff like having to wash up a blender.  Not something I’d do if I was cooking on my own on a weeknight.

Kirstin: We shouldn’t judge everything like that.

Anna: But we have to, because you’re not going to cook a quesadilla on Saturday are you?

Kirstin: You were very worried about the sour cream and avocado being warm.  It was really good.  But, I resent having to use a knife and fork to eat it.  A quesadilla quite frankly should be eaten with fingers, and there was all this drippy slop going all over the place.

Anna: I agree.  The sour cream and avocado should go on the side, not be cooked with the dish.  I say, let’s try the black bean paste and cheese, and then put the sour cream and salsa on the side for the next round.

Kirstin: Ooh, CONTROVERSIAL.  That would mean going off piste.  Shall we?  Yeah, lets. Continue reading ““Quesadillas” from “Plenty””

“Quesadillas” from “Plenty”