“Maple black pepper pork chops” from “Easy Meals”

Peter: “Easy Meals”? “Difficult washing up”! I think she’s used every pan in the kitchen.

Anna: No, no, no, no. Hang on. The sweet potato mash and cavolo nero were not part of Rachel o’Rachel’s recipe. Wasn’t there just one pan for the pork?

Peter: Yes, you cooked the pork and then made the sauce and added the chops back in again.

Anna: So really, if we hadn’t had side dishes, this was a one-pan meal.

Peter: I guess, but you’re not going to eat a pork chop on its own.

Anna: Still, we created the volume of washing up, not Rachel’s recipe. Now then, enough about dirty pots and pans, what did you think of the pork chops?

Peter: It was a good chop, you could tell they were from Drings by their size. This was a way you wouldn’t normally do a pork chop. I was brought up on them covered in stuffing.

Anna: ?! I thought this was delicious. Perfect for a Sunday night alternative to a roast.

Peter: You do like a bit of pork, don’t you?

Anna: Indeed. Was it easy to cook?

Peter: It was very straightforward. If only you’d let me chop an onion…..

“Maple black pepper pork chops” from “Easy Meals”

“Maple-Glazed Chicken” from “Fast, Fresh, Simple”

Andrew (12): I’m not sure about this. It’s too sweet and too spicy at the same time. Not a great combination.

Nicholas (8): I agree. What would happen if you combined sweet and sour at the same time?

Maureen: You’d get sweet and sour chicken from a Chinese restaurant. Yum.

Tim: Or sweet and sour pork from the same place. Yum. But this is not either of those things. What do you think?

Maureen: It’s not setting my world on fire. It’s fine, but it’s nothing to write about. (Editor’s Note: And yet, here I am…) What do you think?

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“Maple-Glazed Chicken” from “Fast, Fresh, Simple”