“Pasta with Mackerel, Marsala and Pine nuts” from “Nigellissima”

Peter: This is very sweet for a pasta.

Anna: Did you not think that the saltiness of the capers and the mackerel off-set the sweetness?

Peter: I guess so. It was nice because mackerel can be quite a strong flavour and this combination of ingredients tempered it.

Anna: Well you know how much I love salty and sweet combos, so I have to say that I’m a fan of this recipe. And it was very quick and easy, just as Nigella said it would be.

Peter: I like a good bit of mackerel too, so I’m happy to have it again.

Anna: That’s good then, as I’m already planning when we’re next going to have it!

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“Pasta with Mackerel, Marsala and Pine nuts” from “Nigellissima”

“Griddled Mackerel with Pickled Cucumber and Beetroot and Potato Salad” from “Virgin to Veteran”

Anna: We’re have a Scandiwegian feast tonight. Scandi food is very in right now, so you’ll be pleased to hear our meal is bang up to date.

Peter: I’m thinking herring. I’m thinking roll-mops. Should we be eating this in permanent darkness? Or perhaps cut in two on a bridge somewhere?

Anna: It’s mackerel actually.

Peter: Well I know that. We haven’t had it for a while. I can feel those fishy oils opening my arteries.

Anna: Do you like it? What about the potato salad?

Peter: It was nice. You would be hard-pressed to pick out the potato amongst the beetroot. I’m sorry, I didn’t pick up on the horseradish at all.  Was this 15 of our 5 a day?

Anna: It was a lot of veg. I like this recipe but there were too many bits to cobble together at once which just makes me cross. We are going to have it again next week but I’m going to skip the cucumber pickle, nice though it was, and not bother flouring the mackerel.

Peter: Why don’t you ask Maggie what she thought of it? She polished off the skin!

“Griddled Mackerel with Pickled Cucumber and Beetroot and Potato Salad” from “Virgin to Veteran”

“Mackerel & Potato Stew” from “The Family Meal”

Maureen (looking over at the plate of Andrew, 12): Gold star for Andrew! He ate all the fish.

(Andrew puts his arms in the air, triumphantly.)

Tim: Did you like it, Andrew?

Andrew: Meh. I thought there were too many small irritating bones.

Where did our bodies go? Oh, wait, I know. Into the stew.

Maureen: That comment is fair enough. I agree.

Tim: Well, I like it.

Maureen: What do you like about it?

Tim: I like that it is good for me.

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“Mackerel & Potato Stew” from “The Family Meal”