“Macaroni Cheese (a few ways)” from “Notes From My Kitchen Table”

Maureen: What do you think?

Andrew (13): It’s good.

Nicholas (9): It’s just like any other macaroni and cheese that we’ve had.

Maureen: But it’s more crunchy on top.

Nicholas: Yes, that’s true.


Maureen: And there’s a LOT less cheese than we usually use. I think Gwyneth wants us to be healthy!

Nicholas: You can tell there’s less cheese, I think.

Tim: It seems very dry.

Maureen: I agree. It needs more… something. Probably cheese, but more sauce would not go amiss either.

Maureen: Would you want me to make this again, or have one of the other versions we’ve had. The one we love is the New York Times macaroni cheese, and the others we’ve liked very much were the ones from Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay.

Nicholas: We could have this one occasionally, but it’s not the best one.

Andrew: I’d say we should have one of the other versions that we like more.

Maureen: I agree. I think this one is crunchier, which is nice, but it doesn’t have enough cheese and it’s not creamy enough. I’d rather make one of the other versions. I appreciate that Gwyneth wants us to eat healthier, but that just doesn’t apply when you’re talking about mac and cheese.

“Macaroni Cheese (a few ways)” from “Notes From My Kitchen Table”

“Macaroni Cheese” from “A Taste of Home”

Tom: This is great! I’m having seconds. This is the best macaroni cheese recipe so far. Yum!

Miles: It’s delicious!

Kirstin: Should I make it again, Miles?

Miles: Um, no thanks.

Tom: Why not, Miles? Do you just like other things?

Miles: When I tasted it with loads of sauce on it, then I didn’t like it. I wanted to taste the sauce. With a little bit, then I liked it. With a lot, then I didn’t like it. May I please be excused?

Kirstin: It was very easy to cook.

Miles: And very delicious!

Ella (eating it from the pan): I like the crunchy bits. They are all chewy!

Tom: Leave some for me!

Ella: Uh-uh. These are the only bits I will eat.

Kirstin: I will keep cooking macaroni cheese recipes until these two decide that they like it.

Ella: You will be cooking for hundreds of years. And into the afterlife.

Kirstin: Well, there’s a challenge! And I really struggle to make macaroni cheese look good in a picture, I so do. I feel another challenge coming on….

“Macaroni Cheese” from “A Taste of Home”