“Tequila and Lime Chicken” from “Simply Nigella”


Kirstin: What do you think, Miles?

Miles: Make it again!

Tom: So this isn’t Tequila Mocking Bird, then?

Kirstin: Ha! No.

Tom: Tequila quail?

Kirstin: No. Chicken. Do you like it?

Tom: Yes I do. It has a nice flavour to it.

Kirstin: So I totally messed up on the soaking it for hours and hours and instead marinated it at room temperature for 40 minutes, squashing two of the steps together.

Tom: So it could have had an even stronger flavour then? I’m sure Nigella has some marinating her fridge all the time!

Kirstin: She probably does! I’d make this again! Easy, yummy! And I’d remember to marinate it for longer next time, for sure.

Miles: Is tequila a type of drink. Is it a kind of alcohol?

Kirstin: Yes, but it’s ok because the alcohol burns off in the oven, so you won’t be drunk.

Miles: Ok. I was worried there.

Tom: But I’ve been drinking beer, so I’ll be drunk!

Kirstin: And I’m drinking one too, so I’ll be the size of a house tomorrow!

“Tequila and Lime Chicken” from “Simply Nigella”

“Hot Chilli-Ginger Stir-fried Squid” from “A Change of Appetite”

Anna: Meh. I had such high hopes for this and I am disappointed. I’m sure if a personal chef had made it for me I would love it.

Peter: It wasn’t as hot as I thought it would be.

Anna: That’s the chilli’s fault. I could have left the seeds in and probably should have done.

Peter: Did the squid need marinating?

Anna: Why do you say that?

Peter: It was a bit dry I guess…..

Anna: Couldn’t you taste the lemongrass?

Peter: Yes. And I got the salty and sour. I’m not sure what it is that’s missing.

Anna: A professional chef. This would be perfect in a Thai restaurant. Somehow it hasn’t worked for me at home. It’s perfectly ok. And it was easy to cook. But I won’t be doing it again.






“Hot Chilli-Ginger Stir-fried Squid” from “A Change of Appetite”

“Pan-Fried Tortilla Sandwich” from “Food”

Anna: I made this for my lunch the other day, as a treat. It was very very good, though perhaps a little indulgent. Indulgent was what I was looking for… it was one of those days. So this did the trick.

A quesadilla by any other name, the combination of avocado, spring onion, chilli and lots and lots of cheese was gorgeous. And usually I shy away from anything that involves warm avocado, but this worked. I kid myself that the avocado made it a little healthy but that is probably a bit of a stretch. What I would say is that it totally filled me up and I had that nice warm feeling you get when you’re eating something cheesey and yummy. I will definitely be having this again, when I can find a good enough excuse……



“Crunchy Thai-style Beef Salad” from “Virgin to Veteran”

Peter: Thai? This reminds me more of Vietnam. The fishy, cold dressing and cucumber.

Anna: Fishy doesn’t make it sound very appetising. I think the word ‘salty’ is better. But I know exactly what you mean. It’s the dressing. The proportions of fish sauce to lime and sugar just feel wrong. 90ml of fish sauce for two people? I don’t think so. I added more sugar but didn’t have anymore limes. It was fine, but I agree. More Vietnam than Thailand.

Peter: I did like it anyway. But as I’ve got a mouth ulcer it wasn’t the best meal to have.

Anna: That will be the limes.

Peter: I’m not sure beef is the best thing to go with this salad.  But it was nice.

Anna: I think it’s supposed to be like ‘Tiger Cry’, which I enjoy very much when we have it at Thai restaurants. What do  you think would have been better?

Peter: Maybe a firm fish. Like seabass or monkfish.

Anna: You are getting sidetracked by the overpowering fish sauce I think. If the dressing had been better balanced you would have found the beef very good with this salad. So, we probably won’t be doing this again. Unless I steal one of Bill’s Thai dressing recipes to go with it!

“Crunchy Thai-style Beef Salad” from “Virgin to Veteran”

“Tomatoes marinated in lime juice and honey with salted mozzarella” from “Virgin to Veteran”

A rare day off. A lunch for one.

I marinated the tomatoes in a lime, coriander and honey dressing. The tomatoes were so very tasty and the mozzarella, a perfect foil. I will be making this salad all summer, mark my words!

“Tomatoes marinated in lime juice and honey with salted mozzarella” from “Virgin to Veteran”

“Speedy Chicken Noodle Soup” from “Easy Meals”

Want to make this yourself? The Good Food Channel has posted the recipe online here.

Maureen: Yum. This is great.

Tim: Yes. I agree. I like this.

Andrew (12): Me too.

Nicholas (8): I think it’s okay, but I do like it.

Maureen: When Rachel Allen says it only takes 7 minutes of preparation time and 5 minutes of cooking time, she’s not kidding.

Tim: Was it really that fast?

Maureen: Yes, although it stayed on the hob while we waited for you to get home from work. The thing that took the longest was soaking the rice noodles.

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“Speedy Chicken Noodle Soup” from “Easy Meals”

“Thai fishcakes”, “Thai green chicken curry” and “Lime jelly with lychees” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”

Tom: Wow. A Thai feast.

Anna: If we were at your mum’s, we’d have those lovely crunchy things!

Tom: Kroepoek? Yes, my mum does Indonesian ones. But yes. I know what you mean. Anyway, the fishcakes were fantastic. What was in the relish that made it sweet?

Anna: Sugar.

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“Thai fishcakes”, “Thai green chicken curry” and “Lime jelly with lychees” from “Bill’s Everyday Asian”