“Amalfi Lemon Tart” from “Jamie Cooks Italy”

The new season of the Great British Bake Off is back on our screens here in the U.K. (past seasons available on Netflix everywhere else), so that means it’s peak baking season at the shops. Suddenly, there are elaborate displays in the supermarkets with baking ingredients, baking equipment and baking tips. This country currently is all in on a home baked good.

Of course, at this house, it’s always baking season since it’s something I love to do. I always have a tin of cookies available, and if time permits, I nearly always make some sort of cake or pie on the weekend. This recipe, then, appealed for obvious reasons– mainly that it was Sunday and I was looking for something to make for dessert.

Tart cases are particularly fiddly and I don’t always get them right. There’s a reason why tarts feature on Bake Off, and I suspect it’s because other people struggle with them too. However, Jamie foolproofs the recipe by instructing you to chill the dough not once but twice– first in the refrigerator and then in the freezer. I’m thrilled to report my pastry didn’t shrink when I baked it, as has been known to happen in the past.

The tart case on this particular recipe, though, is a bit odd, because you use olive oil in it. That was a first for me. Also, I made the mistake of using Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is extra peppery, and consequently less than ideal for a dessert. Once baked the pepper taste was less overwhelming, but still, next time I’ll just use regular olive oil. The filling, however, was delicious– very much like the cheesecake described in Jamie’s introduction.

And if you’re wondering who we’re backing here in the current Bake Off season, we proudly declare that we are TEAM RAHUL.

If you’d like to make this tart yourself, it’s currently on Jamie Oliver’s website, click through this sentence to see it yourself.

“Amalfi Lemon Tart” from “Jamie Cooks Italy”

“Chinese-style Marinated Pork” and “Lemon Tart” from “Bill’s Basics”

Tom: This pork recipe smelt good from the moment Kirstin started making the marinade this morning. It made me want to eat Asian food. Fortunately we went to Wagamama for lunch.

Kirstin: Yes. Although the recipe says 400g for four people. And that’s not enough. So I went and bought another pork fillet. 800g for four people!

Mick: So we had 200g each? That was very nice. Perfect. If I’d had a few pieces less I would have been unsatisfied!

Kate: That’s gratitude for you.

Mick: No, I enjoyed it so much, if I’d had any fewer pieces, it would have been a disappointment.

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“Chinese-style Marinated Pork” and “Lemon Tart” from “Bill’s Basics”