“Chicken and Ham Pie” from “Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen”

Peter: Still no photo.

Anna: I’ve explained that.

Peter: It looks like a pie again. In fact, it looks like the fish pie from last week.

Anna: That will be the mashed potato on top. Your mum made this with the leftover roast chicken, as Rachel suggests. I like the fact she added in the leftover carrots from the meal too.

Peter: You know I like a good pie. This pie is no exception.

Anna: I have had some of the leftovers and it’s really quite yummy. Must be the double cream!

Peter: Did Louis have any for lunch today?

Anna: He did, and he loved it! Like father, like son. Pie.

“Chicken and Ham Pie” from “Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen”

“Quick Chicken Casserole” with “Pilaf Rice” from “Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen”


MAKE THIS! It’s great! For the recipe in order to make that happen, click through on this sentence.

Andrew (14): Yum.

Maureen: I agree: Yum.

Nicholas (10): Yes, this is good.

Maureen: The rice is sort of like the Cowboy Rice I make, like they used to eat when they were out on the ranch, but this one doesn’t have oregano.

Andrew: This one is good too.

Nicholas: I’m giving it a thumbs up.

Maureen: There’s lots of good things about this. It doesn’t have any exotic ingredients and I had most of them on hand. It used up leftover roast chicken in a new and interesting way. And most of all, you like it, which is a big bonus.

“Quick Chicken Casserole” with “Pilaf Rice” from “Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen”

“Beef Rendang” from “Save With Jamie”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaureen: I aim to please. I’m making Tim’s request: Beef Rendang!

Tim: I had this when I was in SIngapore, and it was fantastic.

Maureen: I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to be as good as the one you had in Singapore, but let’s see. [Pause to taste.] Wow. This is delicious.

Tim: Beef Rendang For The WIn!

Maureen: I am so surprised this is so good. This is the best recipe we’ve had out of this book so far. It’s really flavourful, and even better, we used up the leftover brisket from Sunday Lunch.

Tim: It’s not often we have leftover brisket, though.

Maureen: That’s true, but one of the only things I like about Save WIth Jamie is he gives you recipes to use with your leftovers. This is a great example. We got two completely different delicious meals out of  one main meal, in this case, the brisket.

Tim: Though you didn’t use the Jamie brisket recipe, though.

Maureen: No, I didn’t. I thought it would be too plain, as most of the recipes in this book have been. Also, I wanted to use our pressure cooker so the cooking time would be much quicker. So I went off piste and used another brisket recipe. {If anyone is interested in the brisket-in-the-pressure-cooker recipe, let me know in the comments and I’ll post it. It was really, really good.}

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“Beef Rendang” from “Save With Jamie”