“Pilaff” and “Jerusalem Artichoke Soup” from “Leon 2”

Maureen: It’s pilaff from Leon tonight. I’ve added leftover chicken from the other night and frozen peas, as per their advice. What do you think?

Nicholas (7): I have my Night Hike tonight with the Boy Scouts! We have to leave soon!

Maureen (looking at the clock): You’re right! We have to leave in three minutes. Eat up!

Thus was the scene the first time we had the pilaff, which was delicious. So we tried again last night, in the hopes that we could more descriptive dialogue about it. Here’s what happened.

Maureen: Here it is, pilaff again. Remember how much you liked it the last time? (A knock at the door is heard. The boys run to answer it.)

Andrew: Gus is here! (The boys rejoin the table. The conversation then consists of Quasar strategy, the desirability of the new Nintendo 3DS, whether a portable gaming device is better than the Wii or XBox, and finally, if it would be possible to accidentally wash an iPad. Marketers take note: these are the hot topics of the day in the 7-11 set.)

Thus another dinner comes and goes with a London family. Hey, at least we’re eating together, even if I failed to get them to say anything scintillating about the food.

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“Pilaff” and “Jerusalem Artichoke Soup” from “Leon 2”