“Pork belly, Radicchio and Hazlenuts” from “Polpo”

Kirstin: I was lucky to have Tom cook this for me on Mother’s Day. I ran out of steam after cooking the cake and focaccia in the morning.

Tom: It was very easy to cook. I loved the crackling!

Kirstin: You always love the crackling! We used fewer hazelnuts than they recommended. And they went incredibly well with the simple salad and dressing.

Tom: I’m going to make this again!

Kirstin: Be my guest! I’ll definitely eat it!


“Pork belly, Radicchio and Hazlenuts” from “Polpo”

“A hotpot of sausages and apples” and “A moist cake of apples, blackberries, ground hazelnuts and cinnamon” from “Tender Volume II”

Anna: What an appley feast!

Peter: We’re certainly getting our fill.  Are you working your way through this book chapter by chapter?

Anna: No, but a lot of the fruit Nigel has chapters on aren’t in season.  In fact most of them aren’t, so I’m stuck with apples.  And blackberries.  Plus, I needed dishes that I could cook in advance, over the weekend, to serve when your parents were here.

Peter: Well you know I like a good sausage.  This hotpot is all a bit beige though, isn’t it?  It looks like something out of Oliver Twist.

Anna: It’s not the most attractive dish to look at, no.  And the beans haven’t cooked through properly.  They’ve had two hours in total and they are still hard.  Which technically isn’t Nigel’s fault.

Peter: Think of the explosions we’re going to experience this week.

Anna: Indeed.  It tastes alright though.

Peter: Yes, it’s nice.  The apples were nicely assimilated.  I wouldn’t call it a hotpot. But I would eat it again.

Anna: It’s not the most exciting dish I have to say. It’s a bit like the goulash.  Ok, but it’s highly unlikely I’m going to make it again.  Sorry Nigel.

Peter: The cake is lovely and moist though.  I like this a lot.

Anna: Yes, it’s turned out ok. I was worried when I was making it, as my crumble-topping didn’t crumble properly.  I had to leave the bowl outside in the freezing temperatures for half an hour but to no avail.  So it all melted into a sugary pastry instead.  More like a cobbler.

Peter: Well if you didn’t know any better you would never notice.  I’m going to take it in my packed lunch this week.  I think it’s the sort of cake that will get better as the week goes by. It’s definitely better cold.

Anna: So I may make the cake again.  But then again, I just don’t know if I can be bothered…..

“A hotpot of sausages and apples” and “A moist cake of apples, blackberries, ground hazelnuts and cinnamon” from “Tender Volume II”