“Portuguese Baked Hake and Potatoes” from “Simple”


Maureen: Fish Friday!

Nicholas (13): What fish is this?

Maureen: It’s hake. You should see the mouth on a hake! It’s really something. I asked the nice fishmonger if I could have the head too, but then she warned me that we would have to be extra-careful with it because the teeth have anticoagulants in them. So no fun with fish heads tonight.

Andrew (Now 17! Happy birthday!): I’m not so sure about the hake.

Maureen: What do you mean?

Andrew: I like the potatoes, but I don’t like the taste of the hake.

Nicholas: I agree with Andrew.

Maureen: Well, that might be a first. But I’m not sure I understand why you dislike the hake. I don’t think the hake tastes overly fishy. It’s just a plain white fish.

Tim: I agree with Mom. I don’t see the problem either.

Maureen: Well, we seem to be divided on this one. Maybe when I make it again, I’ll just make it for me and dad and the two of you can have fish fingers or something. That’ll show you. I think this is delicious.

As I said above, the adults really liked this. I honestly don’t know why the boys didn’t like it more. Sometimes Often, children’s tastes are a mystery. But if you want to try it for yourself, click through this sentence to find the recipe in the Telegraph.

“Portuguese Baked Hake and Potatoes” from “Simple”

“Hake in Salsa Verde” from “The Moro Cookbook”



Or, in the Spanish, “Merluza en salsa verde”

Maureen: I have to say that I was a bit dubious about the inclusion of the clams, but I went with them anyway. The recipe said “optional” but I thought I should give them a chance.

Tim: Why dubious?

Maureen: I suspect that I had a bad experience with them when I was younger. I’ve never been a fan of clams, but saying that, I haven’t eaten them in decades. I have to say that I’m enjoying these immensely.

Tim: I knew they would be good.

Maureen: What do you think, boys?

Andrew (15): Look at my plate. That tells you everything you need to know. (The plate is clean.)

Nicholas (11): Yum.

Maureen: What would you rate it?

Tim: Nine out of 10. Would eat again.

Maureen: Why not 10 out of 10?

Tim: I need to give you something to shoot for.

Maureen: Moro has been great for Fish Friday. We haven’t had a terrible meal yet.

“Hake in Salsa Verde” from “The Moro Cookbook”

“Pan-fried Hake with Tomato Relish” from “Best Menus”

Tom: So, I was very impressed by the “slow frying” technique here. You put the oil and the fish in a cold pan, and then heat it slowly to stop the fish from curling up. But we couldn’t test this properly because we didn’t have skin on the fillets, and it’s the skin that does the curling up, I think.

Kirstin: I think you’re right. But it was the only kind of hake I could get.

Tom: The relish was quite nice…

Kirstin: I forgot to get coriander…

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“Pan-fried Hake with Tomato Relish” from “Best Menus”