“Greek Salad” from “Happy Salads”

IMG_9280It appears that we are on a Greek Salad kick over here, given that I just made (and reviewed) a Rice Greek Salad recipe that was in Sirocco. I’m not apologising for this behaviour because I’ve always loved Greek Salad.

This version from Happy Salads was a more traditional one, given that there was no rice component. It also gave you two options for cheese. It could go without saying that I love any recipe that gives me two options for cheese. For this one, you could either deep fry a panko-covered slab of Feta and put it on top, or you could roast pieces of halloumi and put those on top.

Given that it was Wimbledon Sunday and we had spent all afternoon cheering on Andy Murray, I didn’t have the energy or the interest in doing the extra steps involved with the feta, so I went with the halloumi. Given our love of halloumi it’s surprising that I’ve never roasted it before, but it worked a treat and I plan on doing it again.

The rest of the salad was what you’d expect: cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olives, red onion, pepper. (Side note: Although the recipe called for using a green pepper, I used a yellow one because that’s what we had the refrigerator. The world did not come to an end.)

The salad was delicious and we all liked it. Was it the most interesting and inventive salad ever? No. But it was good, and sometimes that’s all you need.


“Greek Salad” from “Happy Salads”

“Wholegrain Basmati Rice Greek-Style Salad” from “Sirocco”


Here in the U.K., we celebrated the Queen’s 90th Birthday this weekend. This was her second birthday this year, because her actual birth date is 21 April, but when you’re the queen, you get two birthday celebrations: one for your birth date and another for when the weather is better. (I just did a bit of research and this is the ACTUAL reason.)

It’s good to be the Queen. Obviously.

So why am I nattering on about the queen and what does it have to do with the Greek Rice Salad pictured above? Well, for those of you who pay attention to these sorts of things, Queen Elizabeth II is married to Prince Phillip, who himself is of Greek heritage. We got invited to a Street Party to celebrate the queen’s birthday, so I decided the perfect thing to bring to it would be this Greek Salad.

It would have been perfect, except for the fact that I hadn’t planned it it taking more than nine hours* (not a typo) to make the cake for the cake competition at the party. The cake got done, but I ran out of time to make the Greek Rice Salad before the party began, so we had to have it for dinner instead.

Once we settled down to dinner, it got a thumbs up all around. It is exactly what it says on the tin– Greek salad (tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, red onions, feta and seasoning) combined with rice. It’s a winner.

Tim accused me of putting in more feta than was called for, but actually I followed the recipe, so it was the right amount. It would be the perfect thing to bring to a street party or family picnic. Anything where attending with a salad in your arms was required.

It was also delicious the next day for lunch. A bit of liquid had pooled in the bottom of the tupperware container, but a quick mix with a spoon fixed that.

Would I make it again? Indeed I would.


*(If you’re wondering why said cake took nine hours, here’s a picture. The blue cake is blueberry and the red cake is raspberry, all covered in buttercream.)


“Wholegrain Basmati Rice Greek-Style Salad” from “Sirocco”

A fishy French feast from “Forever Summer”

Anna: Bonjour tout le monde!

Kirstin: Bonsoir! We are in the south of France this week, en vacances, in Uzès. So we’re starting with “Gina”, a cocktail — we’ve had a long day today. We fitted in le marché…

Anna: Twice! Ce matin, le premier fois, there was this grande poisson stall. Stall de poisson!

Kirstin: A fish stall. Our eyes were bigger than the eyes of an octopus. I talked to the women behind me in the queue about mermaids. In French.

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A fishy French feast from “Forever Summer”

A lovely day for a Greek feast

Today we prepared a Greek feast from this month’s book, “Jamie Does”. The starter was “Delicious Dressed Greek Greens on Toast”. The main course was “Souvlaki (Wicked Kebabs)” with Greek salad. The dessert was “Sweet and Lovely Honey and Pistachio Cake”.

Anna: I would like to point out that we chose this menu before Jamie did this exact menu on the telly. Honest.

Kirstin: The starter was very easy to prepare. And it was delicious. I would definitely make that again. The cheese and spinach was delicious.

Anna: I would make that if I had a night in on my own. The combination of pecorino and spinach… spinach is my favourite, and we had to use it because we don’t have a ready source of Greek greens in south east London. And the pecorino has that saltiness. I give it 9/10. Quick and yummy.

Kirstin: Yeah, I give it a 9. The guinea pigs and the rabbit liked the leftover spinach!

Anna: Kirstin prepared the souvlaki this morning.

Kirstin: I’m never good at marinating meat in the morning, before breakfast. It was yummy. But it wasn’t as nice as the meatball recipe. The tzatziki was easy to make, and it was sensational. Overall I give it 6/10.

Anna: I give it 5/10. It was more of a faff than the meatballs, because I had to do those peppers as well. That took about 45 minutes this afternoon, because you have to let them burn on the grill. Then clingfilm them, peel them, ripe them apart. Yes, they taste great, but it’s a faff, so it’s not a weeknight thing. Shortcut: get your marinated peppers from the supermarket. Continue reading “A lovely day for a Greek feast”

A lovely day for a Greek feast